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8 Steps to Turn Your Passion Into a Career

8 Steps to Turn Your Passion Into a Career

How to turn your passion into a job

How to turn your passion into your profession

To turn a passion into a job is something all of us desires. How many people ask themselves every day before they go to work: “Do I really like what I’m doing?”

Like it or not, we have all been invaded by this doubt at times. Some people have to adapt because they have responsibilities or a family to support. Others are simply afraid to ask themselves. However, if this question constantly assails you, it means that a part of you, despite everything, is not happy.

Remember, though, that you can always change your life! In this article, we see 8 ways to turn your passion into a carrer and live by dedicating time to what we like to do.

Working without passion: why it happens

Think carefully. If I really want to have a sculpted physique, I will have to be very careful about nutrition, even though I like to eat a lot. Nonetheless, I’ll be glad not to do it if I want a defined physique at all costs.

So, if instead of being happy we are dissatisfied with our work, it means that perhaps we are really looking for a change. In spite of everything.

Fear often takes us by surprise. We end up adapting even at the cost of unhappiness. Finally, we pretend to ourselves, repeating ourselves several times “that’s okay”.

Therefore, below we will identify 8 fundamental actions to initiate our change. As we will see, it starts from the inside first. We will discover how it can also coexist with security and stability, turning our passion into profit.

8 ways to turn your passion into a job

1.Experiment, try, try

This action is necessary for those who still do not know exactly what their passion is. A passion is something that arouses interest, energy and positive emotions in you. If this coincides with your job you are in the right direction. However, it is not always immediate to identify it, sometimes it takes some time and many attempts, especially for young people.

So, if you’re still not sure what you really like, ask yourself the following questions:

What I like?
What am I good at?
What arouses interest in me?

Explore. Throw yourself into new activities that may coincide with your interests. If you don’t try you will never know whether or not this may or may not represent what you like.

If the attempt fails, try again. Do not stop. You can use the first failure as a clue that this is not the right path. There are millions of them, your job right now is to try as many as possible.

2. Studying, training, updating

Of course, passion and motivation are not enough to excel in your sector. Training and constant study are essential to achieve our goals and therefore also to transform our passion into a job.

Like us, disciplines are also evolving, and we need to constantly update ourselves to be as efficient as possible.

Unlike years ago, you can take advantage of a lot of free material through the web nowadays. However, the internet is a double-edged sword, because not all the material is always reliable. Just pay attention and stick to multiple sources.

Unfortunately, on some issues, the majority of Universities have fallen far behind. Often the topics covered are not up to date and the materials used are obsolete. Therefore, the first savings you have could be used precisely for training courses in the area that covers your passion.

You don’t need high amounts, but the free material found on the web won’t be enough to start learning something.

3. Practice what you study

Turning the theoretical study into something practical is necessary to complete the training. The theory disperses without its application and will tend to be pushed aside in our brains.

If you really want to start a business, you will necessarily need to field test everything you have learned.

You don’t always find the time to do it, it depends on your will. If you really want to add a new skill to your repertoire and change your life, you’ll have to put in the effort.

Be wary of those who tell you that you can learn everything immediately, earning a lot of money immediately. If that were really the case, we would all be millionaires. For example, if you want to learn how to trade, start applying in a demo account. In this way, you will test the operations firsthand without putting your money at risk.

4, Connect with the World Wide Web

The digital revolution of recent years has given us numerous opportunities. One of them is meeting people from all over the world who have the same goal as you.

Remember that you are not alone. However bizarre or unique your passion may be, there will always be someone to share it with. Surround yourself with people who have the same mission as you.

There are numerous platforms that allow you to do this. For example we can find Facebook and Linkedin.

The web, as you will see, can be an important source of inspiration.

5. Advertise

For some people, it may seem superfluous and even presumptuous. In reality, being known is necessary to have the opportunity to live on what we like.

It is important to take advantage of social networks to create an identity in the world of work, and to make one’s skills known. An Instagram profile, for example, can act as a business card, and it could also open up many paths for us.

Furthermore, to exploit one’s passion and live from it, one must be able to sell one’s skills. You can advertise and sell a product, your skill or even the ability to teach it.

Monetizing your passion is the key to making it a real job, so don’t be afraid to show yourself or be judged. All this will lead to an increase in your visibility and, why not, also the opportunities.

6. Build a strong and determined mentality

Everything starts with our head. If we first think we are not capable or not ready, it will be very difficult to change jobs. It is not impossible to live from one’s passion. However, we must first understand this concept well, even when people demotivate us, even when we fail.

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To succeed in what you do you must first have clear ideas in mind. They do not always have, in which case the first two actions specified above should be performed.

That said, the next steps are two words that will determine the outcome of your aspirations: commitment and constancy. With these two actions you can achieve results that you don’t even imagine, where you have always wanted.

Learn from mistakes, don’t beat yourself up at the first hurdle, try again. Always try again. The right mindset will help you achieve what you’ve always wanted.

7. Adapt

In the beginning, especially if you have a family and children, it is not easy to start a new business. This involves an initial period where it will be necessary to make it coexist with your current job, even if it does not reward you.

The spirit of adaptation is essential for growth and fulfilment. In the beginning, it may not be like in our dreams, but we can make sure to work with patience. The results arrive, but unfortunately not immediately.

Furthermore, if you are young and have the goal of growing in a certain field, you will have to make some sacrifices. One of these could be living away from home for a certain period. Not all countries are so equipped that they can guarantee you training or activity suited to your ambitions.

Don’t give up on your aspirations just for fear of being away from your country. This will be an obstacle that is fully overcome over time.

Having new experiences sometimes destroys you, but only to rebuild you stronger than before.

8. Invest to grow

The more you invest, the more you grow. Investing does not just mean spending thousands of euros. It also means employing something in order to grow, it can be a sum of money but also time, dedication and effort.

Betting on yourself is an act of love for yourself. It is an action full of courage that pays off even if it initially fails.

You can invest on different levels: in yourself, in a company, in a project you believe in. Everything you do to grow will sooner or later pay off, financially or even in growth experiences.

Spending the first money you earn on what you believe, rather than on trivial goods, is a brave act. Regardless of the actual return you will have from it, it is better to have remorse rather than regrets.

So, are you ready to change your life?

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