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Where to Travel Based On Your Personality Type

Where to Travel Based On Your Personality Type


The best travel destinations based on your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Did you know that our Myers-Briggs personality type affects the choice of our travels? Indeed, travelling is a way of representing ourselves and allows us to show the peculiarities of our character.

Nowadays, tourists are no longer divided only by income or standard of living, but also, as anticipated, according to personality type aspects. This allows host companies to organize trips and programs tailored to each of us.

The various tourist itineraries range from nightlife to culture, from sport to simple relaxation. You have to know how to adapt to all tastes. The most popular cities are complementary to many ways of being.

In this article, we will take into consideration the preferences of the 4 personality groups, identifying trips and travel destinations that fit each Myers-Briggs indicator personality type best. Where you should travel next? Let’s find out your next holiday trip according to the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator.

Different types of travellers: Vacantioner, Sightseer, Drifter

The simplest subdivision of travellers includes Vacantioners, Tourists, and Wanderers.

Vacationers prefer locations that take them away from their daily routine. They love relaxation, comfort and sweet doing nothing.

Tourists want new experiences, including history, culture, exploration and new stimuli.

The wanderers, on the other hand, love to find new cultures to measure themselves against, finding themselves in new contexts.

Where you should go on vacation based on the Myers-Briggs personality type

The subdivision we have just seen is quite simple because it does not take into account many other aspects of the character. It does not include the type of organization, whether it must be in the smallest details or “by the day”. The desired social life here is not understood. Some tourists like to socialize and others who want solitude.

We will, therefore, see the travel preferences of the 4 personality groups, according to the Myers-Briggs indicator. After that, we will focus on many aspects of their typical vacation and ideal destination.

Protectors (SJ) need security and stability

The Protectors prefer a slow and constant journey. They have immense cultural curiosity. The approach is measured, well balanced between the desire for tranquillity and that of movement.

For the Controller (ESTJ) and the Role Model (ESFJ), more sociable than the others, an interesting destination could be Mexico.

Tulum is a Caribbean city with a lot of social life. It has a great history behind it and also good infrastructure. The Controller’s personality type (ESTJ) will be able to visit all corners of the city without worries. The Role Model (ESFJ) instead will have the opportunity to make new friends.

For slightly more reserved personalities, such as the Examiner (ISTJ) and Defender (ISFJ), an interesting destination would be Japan. Kyoto is a peaceful city with a great history. It is well connected between the various districts with an efficient transport system. This fully fulfills their need for security.

Optimists (NF) want a fair balance between culture and socialization

Optimists (NF) need a “freewheeling” itinerary. They can travel alone or in a group. What unites them is the desire to be surrounded by breathtaking places

The Mentor (ENFJ) offers a lot of experiences and attractions, but is the first to withdraw if the group disagrees. The Transformer (ENFP), on the other hand, alternates sleepless nights with days immersed in her travel diary.

The Counselour (INFJ) and the Mediator (INFP) prefer to immerse themselves in beauty mostly in solitude.

An ideal destination for Optimists is Spain as it fully satisfies intellectual curiosity. Madrid and Barcelona are cities with an immense propensity for outdoor parties, with even more peaceful corners. They correspond to the right balance between those who want to delve into nightlife and those who prefer tranquillity.

Explorers (SP) prefer to travel with flexible and improvised destinations

The Explorers (SP) are daring adventurers looking for new experiences. They love to perceive and feel, immersed in the flow of life around them. They prefer the unexpected to a precise and predictable itinerary.

The Entertainer (ESFP) and the Experiencer (ISFP) tend to use the emotional part. The first in a short time will speak the local language fluently. The second is transformed giving vent to all its less moderate features, often inhibited in everyday life.

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The Entrepreneur (ESTP) will participate in parties every day until 6 in the morning. The next day he wakes up early to do other activities. The Experimenter (ISTP), on the other hand, prefers to enjoy the holiday detached from the group.

Rio de Janeiro is an attractive destination for the Explorers (SP). It includes both the beauty and the wild chaos of the metropolis. THE

In addition, India is also a country that can give unpredictability, due to poor infrastructure. Furthermore, it includes a completely different culture from the European one. It is suitable for a free spirit who loves to deal with places, cultures and experiences never experienced before.

Intellectuals (NT) love to organize everything down to the smallest detail

Intellectuals (NT) have a constant need to plan point by point every hour of every day of vacation. There is little room for sudden changes.

The Commander (ENTJ) and the Originator (ENTP) tend to organize the holiday also taking into account social life. The ENTJ does this by maximizing the time and visiting as many places as possible, while the ENTP separates from the group and learns the language of the country through someone from the place.

The Strategist (INTJ) and the Academic (INTP), on the other hand, are more in search of solitude, absorbing all of the cultures with which they are confronted.

A suitable place for this group is Australia: clean, calm, very urbanized. It is very balanced and organized. For those who want a little more thrill, there are safaris and cruises. Although they are controlled environments, they can open doors to new adventures.

The perfect travel that match your personality type

What kind of tourist are you? Have you already found the travel that fits you best according to your personality type? If so, let us know in the comment section. If you still don’t know, find out here with this personality test!

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