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Thinker or Feeler: which one are you?

Thinker or Feeler: which one are you?

Feeler: which one are you?

The difference between Thinker and Feeler

Your personality type is made up of four psychological preferences chosen from four couples of personality traits: extrovert or introvert, sensor or intuitive, thinker or feeler, judger or perceiver. You have a natural and inborn preference for either one of the options of the four couples. In this article, we analyse the third dichotomy and, while reading, figure out which one fits you best. 


How do a thinker and a feeler like to make decisions?

When we talk about the personality types theory, the terms thinking and feeling refer to two different ways to make decisions. Thinking people make decisions based on facts. They are ruled by their head instead of their heart. For this reason, they start with a logical analysis and then think about how their decisions might affect others. On the contrary, feeling people make decisions based on their personal principles and values. Moreover, they emphasize with the other people’s reality to understand their perspectives and points of view. Therefore, they always consider the impact that their decisions have on people and then start analysing the objective facts. 


How do they interact with other people?

The two personality types interact in different ways with people around them. Thinkers are quite critical, outspoken and oriented toward problem solving. Indeed, they say whatever pops into their mind but they don’t think about the emotional reaction of the person they’re talking to. Instead, feelers value personal relationships and tend to overlook people’s flaws. As a consequence, they prefer to show appreciation and praise. 

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It’s important to remember that thinkers feel and feelers think. When you’re making a decision you analyse both the objective and subjective aspects. All that matters is which one you tend to use first and which is more important to you.


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