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Sensor or Intuitive: which one are you?

Sensor or Intuitive: which one are you?

The difference between Sensor and Intuitive

Your personality type is made up of four psychological preferences chosen from four couples of personality traits: extrovert or introvert, sensor or intuitive, thinker or feeler, judger or perceiver. You have a natural and inborn preference for either one of the options of the four couples. In this article, we analyse the second dichotomy and, while reading, figure out which one fits you best. 

How do a sensor and an intuitive take in information?

The terms sensor and intuitive refer to different ways to take in information. Sensors prefer to get their information through their five senses. They focus on the present and rely on concrete data or their past experiences that relate to what is happening in the present. On the contrary, intuitives prefer to take in information through their instinct. They live in the future and value imagination and inspiration. Moreover, they have an abstract nature that leads them to always reading between the lines. 

How do they interact with the world?

The two personality types interact in different ways with the world around them. Sensors rely upon facts and data that can be verified. In addition, they are always really attentive to what is happening in the world around them and have a good memory for specific details. Intuitives, on the other hand, prefer to be aware of the context and the theory behind every information they receive. indeed, they like to see the big picture. 

How do they learn?

When they are in a learning situation, Sensors prefer to have real-world and practical examples because they are tried and absolutely true. Instead, Intuitives like to have metaphors to understand concepts

Obviously, all of us use both our sensing and intuition processes, but only one of them suit you best.

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Which one is more comfortable for you? Which do you tend to use?

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