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Self-Improvement Netflix Shows to Inspire You

Self-Improvement Netflix Shows to Inspire You

Self-improvement Netflix Shows

Netflix Shows: 5 Suggestions for Self-Improvement & Living Better

As you can imagine, in this article, you will learn 5 not so common Netflix shows for self-improvement. These series vary from motivation to entrepreneurship, up to passing through technology and autobiographies.

Netflix shows and series are the best tools to relax, and at the same time to inspire us when we are unmotivated and lacking in stimuli.

Furthermore, in the past year, we have had much more time to relive our home with the family or even alone. Not being able to organize parties, holidays or trips outside the city might provoke feelings of frustration, anger or fear. A good TV series can make a difference and give an extra boost to those who feel depressed by this critical moment.

Not to mention that you will probably have a lot more free time than before. So why not take advantage of it to regenerate and work on yourself?

Below you will find out 5 series to watch on Netflix for self-improvement, motivation and live an extraordinary life.

Motivating and must-watch Netflix shows for self-improvement and personal growth

Apache: The Life of Carlos Tevez (2019)

Apache recounts, in 8 episodes, the autobiography of the Argentine footballer Carlos Tévez, formerly of Manchester United, City and Juventus.

Filmed in Argentina, the series was immediately a success. It shows the life of Carlos Tevez, a footballer who has won many trophies.

The Boca Juniors player lived in Argentina, in one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the world. This is where his nickname Apache comes from. Since when he was a child, he suffered many tragedies, which then led him to make important decisions about his life.

For example, after three months from his birth, his natural mother abandons him. At ten, he was accidentally scalded with boiling water on his face.

Carlos has a friend. His name was Dario Coronel and, according to many, was better than him in football. Nonetheless, he ends up on drugs and dies very young.

The Netflix series shows how the main character was able to react and become a champion. Despite the adverse environment and difficult vicissitudes, he changed his life.

Apache can really inspire you not to give up, and always fight for what you want.

Black Mirror (2011-2019)

Black Mirror is a British television series characterized by episodes with different scenarios and protagonists each time.

All the episodes have one feature in common. In fact, they deal with current issues inspired by today’s world, despite the setting being in the future.

The perspective is from a technological point of view, especially what concerns the use of social networks.

In short, the future scenarios of our generation are represented, with sometimes disturbing nuances.

What if one day we really find ourselves in such a bleak and almost apathetic world? What if all technological inventions really jeopardized our humanity?

What we do know is that even if that were the case, we probably wouldn’t notice. The change experienced day after day is imperceptible, difficult to identify if you are not careful.

Surely the proposed stories have sometimes exasperated implications, but they could arouse important food for thought.

The series stimulates us to think first of our life and the direction we are taking day after day. Is it really the right one?

Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker (2020)

Self Made is an American TV miniseries, represented in 4 episodes of about 45 minutes each.

The series is inspired by the incredible story of America’s first millionaire woman Sarah Breedlove and better known as Madam C.J. Walker. If you want to know more, we talked about her in this article.

The protagonist succeeds with sweat in carving out a prominent place in American entrepreneurship in the early 1900s. Moreover, she made it possible despite the numerous social barriers towards the black population which were still present at that time.

In order to solve her alopecia problem, she develops a solution for the scalp. Starting from here, Madam C.J. Walker creates a real empire in the cosmetics industry.

This series teaches us how you can become strong and confident by starting with your own weakness.

The protagonist has proven to resist adversity, as well as racial discrimination, along with that of gender.

Difficult moments can be an opportunity to redeem yourself, and fight for your goals.

The Least Expected Day: Inside the Movistar Team 2019 (2020)

The Least Expected Day is a miniseries, with a documentary format and episodes lasting about half an hour. The second season will be available soon, again on Netflix.

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Behind the next corner is very interesting, especially for sports enthusiasts, in this case of cycling. Nonetheless, it could make even those who do not chew this world think a lot.

The story told is that of the Spanish Movistar team and mix sports competitions with internal dynamics.

It delves into the background, nutrition, preparation for competitions and relationships with the team and the different coaches. You will immerse yourself in the daily life of a team of nationally and internationally renowned cyclists.

Each athlete will confront his own human side, revealing all the frailties that hide behind a facade.

Their strengths and weaknesses belong to everyone, even those we think are infallible. Therefore, in order to comprehend the long path to reach the goal, it is necessary to delve deeply into the life of an athlete.

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates (2019)

Inside Bill’s Brain is a mini-documentary aired on Netflix in 2019 and structured in 3 very intense episodes.

Here we navigate the daily routine of one of the richest and most influential men in the world: Bill Gates.

There are no disarming scenes, nor sudden twists. However, it can be a very powerful and enlightening source of inspiration.

You will discover not only what Bill Gates does but also what he thinks. Moreover, the important support role of his wife will emerge, influencing and encouraging him.

In this docuseries, you can discover his habits, his values and his challenges to contribute to a better world. He reports that now he wants to return all that fate has given him, achieving success.

It will be 3 hours of reflections, which could give a shock to our habitual thoughts and to the false myths that often depopulate.

Not only Netflix shows for your self-improvement

Here are 5 of the best Netflix shows for personal growth. Which of these did you already know? Which ones have you never heard of? Let me know in the comments!

If, on the other hand, you want to take it a step further and change your future, the Limitless Success self-improvement toolkit could be for you.

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