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Golden Rules for Success in Life and Career

Golden Rules for Success in Life and Career

golden rules for success

7 golden rules for greater success you should know

Who wouldn’t want to achieve success in life? Do you know anyone who is reluctant to be successful, maybe even in the future? Probably, there are people willing to say so. However, they might believe as well that achieving it means only occupying a prominent place in society or being rich. In reality, success and being successful in life means something else.

What does success mean?

Forget everything about luxury cars, Villas in Miami, popularity, designer clothes or diamond necklaces. Think about it, how many people have all of this, but are they still sad? How many, to make up for the emptiness they have inside, resort to the use of drugs?

Being successful is the achievement of someone’s goals in line with one’s values ​​and needs. In short, when you get up every morning happy to live a new day, to make your contribution to the world.

Therefore, to be fulfilled you need to pay attention to all areas of your life and not neglect the important ones.

The work to be done begins above all within us, but where should we start? To answer this question below you will find the principles and 7 golden rules common to all successful people.

How to be successful in life and career: the first step to achieve success

What is your purpose? It is not a foregone question. A lot of people fail to fulfil themselves because they don’t really know what they really want.

Think about your mission. What do you really want to achieve? For what purpose would you be willing to do just about everything? Having clarified this, you can now dedicate yourself to build an action plan. Of course, you will have to study, train, learn

As successful people never feel full of knowledge, they never stop learning. Every day they take a small step forward and add a small brick to their knowledge.

Furthermore, they do not stop at bachelor’s, masters or common internships in traditional paths. Alternative people also take alternative paths and think in a way that is out of the ordinary.

Therefore, start to attend courses parallel to yours and be more informed than others! If the place where you live does not offer you such possibilities, travel to where you can acquire new skills and improve yourself.

Increase self-esteem to walk the path to success

In a previous article, we have already covered how to increase self-confidence. However, have you ever felt really strong in something, as if no one could stop you from achieving your goal?

It has been scientifically proven that self-esteem significantly increases one’s performance. We’re not talking about science fiction. You can really achieve success with adequate self-confidence!

Self-awareness is the engine that allows us to walk the path to success. When we feel incapable or inadequate, we simply put extra weight on ourselves in our improvement process. No one is born predestined for better or for worse. If you have low self-esteem, know that it can be trained, just like with muscles.

Start here, to gain a new momentum towards your goal and bet on yourself!

Surround yourself with successful people

Do you know someone who has already achieved what you want? Attend it, listen to it, learn everything it tells you and transmits to you.

It is now known that we are the sum of the 5 people we frequent the most. Now think about your ones: are they the right ones to achieve success? You will have to realize that in the future you will become exactly like them. So, if you feel they are the wrong ones, start dating someone who can really improve you. Find a mentor who shows you the right way. Also, watch him stumble, get up, fall again.

Do you believe that successful people have never failed at anything? The most important thing to learn is just how they got up, even after the hundredth fall.

Be wary of those who only show you the winning and self-confident part. Whoever does not act, even wrong, does not grow, and consequently will not be able to teach you anything.

Work on consistency and determination

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”. So Steve Jobs told students during a lecture given at Stanford University on June 12, 2005.

In other words, it is a hunger that distinguishes successful people from others. Hunger for knowledge, experience, improvement. In addition, they are more consistent and resilient than average.

It is precisely the determination that allows successful people to get up after each failure, starting again stronger and stronger. How did we learn to walk? Falling repeatedly, sometimes even with pain.

This is how every race towards a goal in our life works. The more times you fall and get up, the bigger and more important it will be.

If you don’t find obstacles in your way, it means that the goal was not that relevant. Therefore, also learn to fail!

However, trying again does not mean doing it in the same way and repeating the mistakes made. Every time you have to figure out where you went wrong and the best solution to avoid falling back on it again.

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If you can’t find the solution, reach out to someone more experienced than you and ask them for help.

Eliminate distractions

It seems strange, one of the main causes of dissatisfaction with one’s life is precisely the distractions. They can be bad habits, too much time on the phone, a messy house, etc. It seems absurd that these little things can influence the course of our entire life, and yet, it is so.

Mark Zuckerberg, Obama, Matilda Kahl, Strehler, Armani have all one common trait. They always dress in the same way with the same work uniforms or with the same colours. Why? Precisely because of the enormous impact of distractions.

In fact, every day we have a predefined amount of decision-making energy. If it runs out, it does not allow us to make the right choices. We also spend this energy on trivial choices such as clothing or what to eat for breakfast. With this example, you can understand that even small things matter to achieve success.

Be the ant, not the grasshopper

We all know the story of the cicada and the grasshopper. While the ant worked hard, the lazy grasshopper was enjoying the summer. In the end, it was the latter who had to beg the ant for shelter during the winter. Therefore, successful people work continuously until they reach their goal.

Sacrifices, savings and restrictions are all necessary for realization. As long as you have the energy to make this kind of effort, make the most of it. In the end, you always reap what you sow. So what are you cultivating?

Read at least one book a week

By reconnecting to point 1, books play a fundamental role to train us in a constant and effective way. In fact, all successful people constantly read books related to their profession and to other topics as well.

For example, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet said they read a lot of books a year, from a very young age. They deal with various topics that vary from personal growth to mindfulness to popular science or economics books.

Of course, it will take you a long time to assimilate the basic concepts of each one and put the theory into practice. If you have a busy day, you can carve out sometime by waking up, for example, an hour earlier in the morning. This way, you won’t take time away from your daily activities. Moreover, you’ll have the calm you need to focus and remove daily distractions like social messages or notifications.

Fundamental rules to be successful

The accumulation of material goods or money can also be obtained by chance. Nonetheless, true success is independent of social status, popularity or wealth. You have to build it slowly, starting first from working on yourself.

Of course, luck also affects a lot. However, the key is to take care of things that we can control.

The wave of success comes for everyone sooner or later. What you can do is work to find yourself in the right place at the right time, ready to ride it.

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