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Say Goodbye to Physical and Mental Fatigue

Say Goodbye to Physical and Mental Fatigue

Physical and Mental Fatigue

How to Overcome Physical and Mental Fatigue in 7 Steps

It is physiological to suffer cyclically from physical and mental fatigue. Not surprisingly, our body needs almost a third of its life to rest.

For example, an athlete needs the right rest to regain energy and perform at their best in the next match. By not taking care of your body, your performance would also deteriorate day by day.

Likewise, our brain also functions as our body. In fact, mental fatigue is also an aspect that we must take into consideration.

Today’s life is becoming more and more demanding, requiring ever-increasing efforts as the years go by. In fact, everyday life slowly leaves its mark, especially when we fail to dedicate the right time to recovery.

Therefore, it is important to learn to take care of our body and mind. In this article, we will give 7 useful and effective tips to defeat physical and mental fatigue.

Let’s see how we can act!

How Physical Activities Affect Mental Fatigue?

Have you ever woken up on Monday morning, with a lot of effort, thinking about what awaits you all week?

On Mondays, we should have more energy as we have just spent the weekend. Nonetheless, a sense of exhaustion associated with stress and irritability often prevails.

According to some epidemiological studies, in Italy, about 300,000 people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. The number is constantly growing, exponential especially in recent years.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition of general exhaustion, often caused by mental and emotional fatigue, often leading to physical fatigue.

Mental fatigue, unlike the latter, is difficult to perceive, because it leads to long-term and gradual negative effects.

Our brain often provides us with alarm signals, which serve to warn us that something is wrong. If neglected, they can turn into physical pain, even causing repercussions in relational and working life. This is why a healthy work-life balance in today’s world is extremely important.

How to recognize fatigue?

Tiredness initially cannot be seen from blood tests, heart rate or blood pressure. Thankfully, we can spot it before it can lead to physical damage to our body.

The first sign to be grasped is the reduction of the pleasure of doing things. In short, the absence of emotions in doing activities that once gave us pleasure.

Other warning signs can be sleep disturbance, difficulty concentrating, constant anxiety and depression.

In addition, there is also the difficulty in waking up in the morning, with the lack of motivation to live a new day.

However, in the most serious cases we can find physical pain, psychosomatic outbreaks, slowing of metabolism, difficulty in digestion and cardiovascular problems.

Causes of mental fatigue and physical fatigue

Of course, it is our habits that affect our being and our daily life. Chronic fatigue occurs after long periods of mostly silent, even unconscious suffering. However, there are also accelerators that speed up the course.

These may include incorrect nutrition, disturbed sleep, psychophysical stress from work, even toxic and environmental agents.

Therefore, below we will identify 7 tips to defeat physical and mental fatigue and be full of energy.

7 Steps to overcome physical and mental fatigue

1. Identify those responsible for your physical and mental fatigue

Our body has a well-defined energy reservoir. Like a car, if you keep walking without checking the fuel gauge, you risk falling on the ground suddenly.

In our system there are many indicators that signal us the state of “reserve” of energies. Not only physical, but also mental.

To be able to identify it in time, just pay attention to our psychophysical state. What fills your mind so much that it makes you tired and weak?

They can be distractions, attention to unimportant things, stress, pressure, quarrels, health problems. There are thousands of possible thoughts that can grip our mind.

Try to track them down, and understand how they affect your actions and behavior. They can be due to a lifestyle that is not suitable for you, or to a negative mindset.

Once aware of this, it will be much easier to intervene to find remedies. At first it will be more difficult, but later it will become easier and easier.

2. Consider your psychophysical well-being as a priority

Taking care of ourselves, primarily the health of our body and mind, is one of the priorities. We often forget that loving each other comes before other aspects of life such as career or success.

So, start changing your focus, considering your well-being first. Without the same, you will not be able to have a satisfying relationship or work life.

To take care of others you must necessarily start from yourself, you cannot give something you do not have. Therefore, start working on yourself, find the right balance between psychophysical well-being, relationships and profession.

To do this, start by recognizing that you deserve to feel good, with your body and mind, like everyone else.

3. Exercise

As we now know, the body and the mind are closely connected. In fact, physical pains can be caused by mental pains and vice versa.

What few people have realized is that this process works even when the results are not gross.

In fact, physical activity stimulates the production of serotonin, which is a hormone responsible for a good mood. This means that when we exercise, we affect the endocrine system, which in turn will give us more energy.

More energy corresponds to less stress, so our psycho-physical well-being increases.

Therefore, physical activity can have really important effects in the long term.

Furthermore, also due to the pandemic that has segregated us at home, a sedentary lifestyle has taken over. According to some statistical studies, it has become the fourth leading cause of mortality in the world.

4. Sleep well

Our body needs proper rest to perform at its best. Therefore, it is very important to take care of sleep to wake up rested.

Sleeping well increases life expectancy and also the efficiency of our immune system. In fact, regular sleep reduces stress and also helps improve our physical health.

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Therefore, it is necessary to rest the body and mind for at least 6 hours every night. Get out of your head the concept that sleeping one hour less will give you an hour of extra productivity. The damage caused is much larger than the result obtained. If you need to wake up early in the morning, try to go to bed earlier.

If, on the other hand, you suffer from inconstant or disturbed sleep, you can take many measures to improve this aspect.

For example, don’t use your phone before bed, and use applications that filter out disturbing light frequencies.

If you can’t, there are also mental sleep coaches, which may help you rest better.

5. Choose proper nutrition

We are what we eat. The sooner we understand this statement, the sooner we will solve this potential problem.

There are also scientific studies to support this thesis. In fact, the enteric system has been shown to be closely connected with the autonomic and central nervous systems. It affects motility, sensitivity, hormone secretions and, of course, the digestive process. Therefore, it is useless to deny that nutrition also has a strong influence on our well-being.

Furthermore, if we eat the right foods, we can also increase our daily energy supply. We have already published an article on this issue.

6. Make more time for yourself

The feeling of persistent fatigue can also be caused by a lack of time for yourself.

Today we are always super busy, and we are unable to regularly carry out activities that we are passionate about. However, these are also useful for our body. In addition, how long have you been unable to be alone for an hour doing nothing?

What you mistake for a waste of time is actually essential for your mind to take a moment away from the daily grind. Therefore, it is necessary to spend some of your daily time also to relax, and be alone in peace.

So, take some moments for yourself, to reset your mind and disconnect from persistent stress.

7. Stop feeding negative emotions

It happens to everyone to experience anger, resentment and fear sometimes. We cannot avoid them. What we can do is try not to feed them and not allow them to guide our actions.

Therefore, negative emotions take away a lot of energy, especially if they are constant and latent.

To find the serenity you are looking for, together with the physical and mental energies, you have to get rid of these weights. They prevent your growth and your fulfilment.

Forgive those who have hurt you, feel gratitude towards the people who have given you something of them. Feel at peace with the world, and finally you can really start living your life.

Finally, don’t be ashamed to feel lacking in physical and mental energy. It is normal to feel drained at times, but it is not normal to feel this way constantly.

Therefore, it is important to recognize this state, right away, in order to be able to take the right measures.


Sometimes it doesn’t take much to feel better. Do not allow this continuous psycho-physical state to ruin your life and your ambitions.

You make every daily choice thanks to your reservoir of mental energy, which resides in the brain. If supplies are low, you will end up making bad choices, which can also be instrumental in your life.

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