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How Negative Experiences Can Help You Grow

How Negative Experiences Can Help You Grow

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How to Turn Negative Experiences Around

We have all had negative experiences and felt pain at least once. Not only the physical but also the emotional one. Perhaps this last one is even worse than the first. Regardless of age, gender, social status and surrounding environment, none of us can escape moments of suffering.

After this period, our way of being changes. We become different people regardless after each experience, whether positive or negative. Therefore, either we come out of it evolved or we regress.

Why a bad experience can make us grow

Think of a situation that made you suffer a lot, look in the mirror. Do you see a person today better or worse than the one before the event?

We will see how to deal with negative experiences and channel the pain towards a positive drive, directed towards personal growth. You will discover how we can get to the best version of ourselves. We will also identify some people who, after huge failures, have managed to be successful.

Bad experiences add value to your personal growth

We are what we do. The success of life is not identified with the tools we have, but with the ability to use them to their maximum potential. The most successful people have done exactly that.

Elon Musk, for example, was bullied as a boy and was fired in 2000 by PayPal, which he himself co-founded. He also had to apply for loans because he could not redeem the shares of his companies in order not to lose control. Despite this, he managed to found highly respected companies such as Tesla and SpaceX. Today he is one of the richest men in the world, but until 20 years ago he slept in his company office. How did he manage to have all this success? It’s simple. He used and got the most out of what he had.

Anyone who thinks that one can only get rich by inheriting or by luck is wrong. Self-made billionaires are a clear example of this.

How to turn pain into a positive push

There are many ways to overcome pain and distinguish people who live from people who survive. So how do you take advantage of negative experiences and come out stronger? Through various daily actions.

The first thing to do is to take a positive attitude. Give an empowering meaning to every mistake or adverse fact. Therefore, focus on the solution, not the problem. For example, asking yourself these questions:

  • how can I solve the situation?
  • What am I learning from this experience?
  • How am I improving from this?

Another tool is creativity. Use the angry energy that comes from the problematic situation to learn new things, direct the drive towards growth.

Also, take responsibility. Don’t blame other people, bad luck or whatever. Dwell on what you can control, such as your behaviour and beliefs. Fight and defeat what weakens you like anger and resentment.

Successful people who made it after many failures

The first example of a successful person I want to share with you is Stephen King. The “master of horror” had to fill numerous occupations to cope with the difficult economic and health situation. Subsequently, the first novel “Carrie”, before being published, suffered even three refusals from publishing houses. He himself says that in 1974 it was his wife who presented it to another publishing house which, in the end, granted the publication. Eventually, more than a million copies were sold worldwide.

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The second example concerns the former footballer Paolo Maldini. He played for Milan for 25 years. He is one of the most titled players ever. However, during these years he has suffered numerous defeats. He himself stated: “I am the most underdog footballer in history”. He lost 13 finals between the club and the national team. These include the 2005 final against Liverpool, after a partial 3-0 lead.

Do negative experiences add value?

As we have seen, there are difficult experiences behind every success story. Similarly to Elon Musk, Stephen King and Maldini, there are many others like Einstein, J.K. Rowling, Ford, Michael Jordan etc.

It is not time that makes us grow, but experiences. Each of these allows us to get to know each other more and more. Therefore, the results achieved are only the consequence of how we act and how we want to be. It doesn’t matter where we get but who we were during difficult decisions.

So don’t get down on yourself!

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