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Which personality type is the most successful?

Which personality type is the most successful?

Which personality type is the most successful for business

Personality types that make the most successful entrepreneur

Personality types play an important role when it comes to creating a successful business. Have you ever really studied the people behind big brands? Your mentors are also behind your success. In this article, I will describe the most successful entrepreneurial personalities, analyzing the main characteristics of each.

Successful business personality types according to the Myers-Briggs indicator

The Myer Briggs indicator (MBTI) identifies 16 personality types. Research has selected 5 of these as more likely to have higher incomes and to effectively manage a team. These personalities are the Originator (ENTP), the Commander (ENTJ), the Strategist (INTJ), the Examiner (ISTJ) and the Controller (ESTJ).

ENTP – The Originator

The Originator (ENTP) represents approximately 3 percent of the population. This personality loves to reason from many points of view on ideas, even the opposite ones. The ENTP do it decisively, often not worrying about the reaction of others. They destroy beliefs in no uncertain terms, not for a deeper sense, but because it loves to do it.

The Originator is a personality hungry for knowledge and loves constant mental training. Often it finds itself in conflict with the most sensitive people. In fact, the ENTP hardly establishes lasting social relationships. This personality type knows how to oppose important people, sometimes with unpleasant tones because he does not easily accept compromises.

The Originator, therefore, proves to be a perfect figure for command. However, due to the unfavorable characteristics, he makes the process of getting there difficult.

The ENTP should improve on this because the support of others is also necessary to achieve success.

Successful ENTPs are Tom Hanks, Thomas Edison, Captan Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), The Joker (Batman Series), Dr House (House, M.D).

ENTJ – The Commander

The Commander (ENTJ) is a personality characterized by a high charisma and self-confidence. The ENTJ loves rationality, sometimes even naked and raw, often ruthless. Only 3 per cent of the population embodies this personality type.

The ability to be a successful entrepreneur for the ENTJ is largely due to the fact that he loves challenges and has a high determination. The Commander overcomes the obstacles that most people cannot overcome. Furthermore, he is adept at recognizing talent. Therefore, this personality represents a perfect figure to build a work team.

Nonetheless, although the Commander is a mostly aggregating figure, this personality finds it difficult to express emotions and feelings. He should also be able to better control his own emotion and the team’s ones, a fundamental quality for success.

Success ENTJs are: Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsay, Harrison Ford, Francis J. Underwood (House of Cards).

INTJ – The Strategist

The Strategist (INTJ), together with the Originator (ENTP) and the Commander (ENTJ), belongs to the subgroup of the Intellectuals (NT). People with these characteristics are 2 per cent in the world, by far the rarest.

The INTJ has an impressive strategic capability, calculating everything down to the smallest detail. He is a perfectionist, he dwells a lot on the process for a final goal. The strategist is one of the most contradictory personalities because he has different faces. He can be the most dreamy and ambitious and at the same time the most cynical and nihilistic.

The Strategist thinks that everything can be achieved with the right planning and determination, but that only a few are capable of it because of the many distractions that society provides us. He too has high self-confidence, but does not like to be the center of attention.

He struggles with interpersonal relationships because the Strategist hates social conventions, and does not try to hide it. At all costs also avoid acting on the basis of emotions.

Successful INTJs are Elon Musk, Vladimir Putin, Walter White (Breaking Bad), Petyr Baelish (Game of Thrones).

ISTJ – The Examiner

The Examiner (ISTJ) is the most widespread personality, comprising about 13 per cent of the population. The Examiner is suitable for working in law firms, regulatory and military bodies because it embodies responsibility, honesty and practical logic.

The ISTJ loves precision and efficiency and is not comfortable in discussing abstract themes with little response in everyday life. He represents the vital nucleus of the traditional family.

He is also a charismatic and determined figure, keeping his commitments. The Examiner loves to tell the truth even when this entails disastrous consequences, both in the workplace and in relationships.

However, the biggest difficulty for the ISTJ lies in expressing feelings towards the outside. Often people with this personality tend to keep their opinions to themselves. This could be harmful because it creates increasingly growing emotional tension, obscuring one’s point of view from others.

Successful ISTJs are Angela Merkel, Anthony Hopkins, George Washington and Eddard Stark (Game of Thrones).

ESTJ – The Controller

The Controller (ESTJ) can be defined as the figure representing the order in the company. He knows what is right and wrong and lives up to all that is socially tolerable. The ESTJ becomes essential when guidelines are needed, even for difficult situations. Controllers organize and hold groups of people together within a community, following traditions and working hard.

Who is an ESTJ believe that making the “mess” is necessary to achieve important results. However, they expect this honesty and dedication to be reciprocated. They do not accept people who violate these values. The main challenge of the ESTJs is to also accept different points of view, and to recognize that not everyone follows these principles.

The Controller is a proactive, aggregating and attuned figure that seeks more things in common with others than differences.

Successful ESTJs are: John D. Rockefeller, Frank Sinatra, Robb Stark (Game of Thrones), Lisa Cuddy (House M.D.).

What makes a personality successful in business?

As you have noticed, these personality types have different, sometimes opposite, peculiarities. They have strengths and points to improve, as well as those that we have not described.

Please note: if you do not belong to these 5 personality types, it does not mean you lack the skills to become a successful entrepreneur. Many outstanding people do not belong to this group. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama are a clear example.

So far we have specified what the preferences of these personalities are, not the skills. The trick is to be able to improve in the lacking fields and make the most of the strengths. There are no predestined people. There are people with different qualities. Now it’s up to you to find out what yours are and what to work on to improve.

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