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Morning Routine Ideas for Successful People

Morning Routine Ideas for Successful People

Morning Routine ideas | Limitless Success Blog

6 morning routine habits used by highly successful people to start the day right

Having successful morning routine habits is undoubtedly essential to start the day on the right foot, to be more serene and productive. If you are still sceptical, I’ll tell you more.

A human being on average formulates 65 thousand thoughts a day and 65% of them are the same as formulated the previous day. We are what we think, and if even half of the thousands of thoughts we do every day have a negative tinge, what consequences do you think they can have on you and your approach to life?

Underestimating the influence our thoughts have on our life is disastrous in terms of quality and productivity. If every day you think: “I am a disaster and I will never be able to make my dream come true because I am this or that”, what do you think could happen? Your mind will begin to work to find excuses or explanations to make you fail to achieve your goals.

If, on the other hand, you feed your mind with positive thoughts, such as: “I am a winner, I will be able to achieve my goal, I don’t care where I am, who I am with or if World War III is breaking out, I cost that cost. I’ll find a way to make my dream come true. ” What do you think happens when you formulate these thoughts? Your brain will begin to work to make them real, just like negative thoughts do.

Fortunately for us, there is a method to influence our mind and change our life starting from the early hours of the day. Let’s find out the habits for a successful morning routine. If you ever wondered what successful people and billionaires do in the morning, here is the answer.

Best morning routine habits

The first step you should take to get something you want is to figure out what you want. Success is not a one-size-fits-all concept. For some it may be helping people who are dying of hunger, for others it may be owning a luxury car, for still others, it may represent a life of tranquillity and carefree or simply being a good father or mother of a family.

Before setting a goal, you need to question and ask yourself what would excite you to such an extent as to take action to pursue it.

On the surface it seems simple to do, but is it just as simple to pursue what you are set to do? Here comes a method that can answer and solve your doubts: the morning routine. But how to create a successful morning routine?

How to make a morning routine

The morning routine consists of a sequence of six actions to be performed. It is ideal and strongly recommended to do it in the morning, before doing anything that puts you in contact with the outside world.

A morning routine takes an hour of your time that you dedicate to yourself, a small daily space for your personal growth. All successful people have their own morning routine, coincidences?

Here, then, are the six steps you need to take to create your ideal morning routine.

6 ideas to design a successful morning routine

1. Read

Our brain feeds on what we give them every day. Our every reasoning thought, word and behaviour are related to what we have lived and learned.

Reading increases activity in the central sulcus of the brain or in a region responsible for the primary sensory-motor activity. When we read, the neurons in this area of ​​the brain are activated to create a sensation of experiencing the sensations being read. So, in a nutshell, we unwittingly identify ourselves with the characters and events of the book we are reading.

If you want to achieve financial independence, read biographies of the men who managed to achieve it. If you want to learn a certain skill, read books that can help you learn it.

This is why it is important to have a goal. Every action of yours, like reading, must be directed towards an end.

Read thirty minutes a day and your dream will take shape.

2. Visualize

Visualization is of fundamental importance. The mind works through images and they affect the vision you have of yourself and the latter affects your feelings, actions and results.

After reading, relax, set a song that motivates you to achieve your goals (for example Chariots Of Fire by Vangelis), close your eyes, breathe deeply and then visualize yourself taking the actions that will make you achieve what you want.

If you want to help starving children, visualize what you will do to help them. Imagine, what would you like to do to help those children? Charity? Volunteering? Raising funds or increasing your income to build a canteen? What should you do tomorrow, the day after, in the weeks and years to come? Which people should you contact? How much should your income be?

It is a bit like looking in the mirror and seeing your own reflection taking the steps that will allow you to make your dream come true.

Do you want to be the best companion in the world? Visualize yourself listening to your partner with patience and attention or being the most passionate person in the world when you are intimate.

These are just examples, decide what you want to be and what you want to achieve and imagine it, everything will be more motivating and real.

3. Meditate

Initially, it is difficult to understand the benefits of meditation. Let’s go back to the beginning of the article. Do you remember that on average we formulate 65 thousand thoughts a day? Meditation serves precisely to have control over them.

When you meditate, you practice the powerful practice of choosing what and when to think at that moment and if you know how to do it at that moment, you can do it throughout the day. With meditation, the mind is trained to be present in the moment, awakening forces within us that we would not understand without this practice.

It takes practice, like all things, but as soon as you master meditating, your life will change.

4. Write

Writing is very important. Write down the steps you absolutely must take to achieve your goals. Write it down now. Stop reading the article and write now what you need to do to achieve what you dream of. The article will also be here in 10 minutes. Done?

If so, surely by now you are already formulating different and more motivating thoughts.

Every morning write what you need to do during the day to take a step towards your goal if possible draw a map with the deadline in which you intend to achieve your goal. Example: “By March 30, 2021, my monthly income will have increased by $ 500”.

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Well, each morning write down the actions you need to daily take in this time frame. Some may include reading two books a month (30 minutes a day), attending that seminar and joining that club, etc.

Don’t be afraid if you initially have a few ideas. Little by little, morning after morning, you will see that your map will be more and more full of insights and new steps to take.

5. Affirmations

Equally essential will be the way you converse with yourself. Will you have to speak to yourself? Absolutely yes. You do it all day without realizing it. If you tell yourself that you are too tired to read that book, the result is that you will sit on the sofa and watch TV and this will demotivate you. Remember, the energy causes emotion, emotion brings action.

Instead of repeating to yourself that you are too little for this and that or that you will never be able to change the kind of behaviour that hurts you so much but that you can’t change, stop and yell at yourself: (possibly shaking your butt) that you are number 1, that life is about results and not failures, that you are the kind of person who reads a book a week and can do whatever you think.

Find your mantra (man = mind; tra = liberation), which is the phrase that frees your mind, such as: “I will win, I am strong and calm and I will reach my life purpose”.

Find a sentence that motivates you and strengthens you and repeat it as often as you can, when you are in the bathroom when you are waiting at the doctor, when you are driving or when you are waiting for a client. In short, the more often you repeat your mantra, the more effective it will become. Music in this sense can give you a hand, music is great for the mind and body.

PS: “The best” by Tina Turner could help you with that.

6. Exercise

Exercise is essential for being energetic and having a healthy life. Movement and sports activities help oxygenate the brain and make it more effective, as well as, of course, helping you stay fit.

If you have never done it in the morning, start with a series of push-ups, you will strengthen your self-esteem and this will push you to do it again the following morning. Step by step, you will always feel better and you will never be able to do without it. Get ready to receive lots of compliments this summer!

Benefits of a daily routine

Each of us is in the world for a very specific purpose. Each of us is a unique human being who can accomplish whatever he puts in his head. Do not let the influence of others or your past experiences extinguish the fire that burns within you. Leave the past alone, cultivate your future, now you have the tools to do it.

“I’m old now, I can’t start doing that or that”.

Well, know that whether you do or don’t, time will pass anyway. It would be better to use it in your favour. Do you agree?

If you follow the six simple steps of this daily routine, the quality of your life will improve due to the simple fact that every day you will dedicate time to yourself to grow. It is the law of compound interest. Little if done consistently, over time it becomes something great. So what are you going to do tomorrow morning?

P.S.: Now that you have learnt the benefits of a morning routine, it’s time to find out how to build the best evening routine to help you sleep better at night.

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