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Law of Attraction Guide for an Extraordinary Life

Law of Attraction Guide for an Extraordinary Life

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What Is The Law Of Attraction And How To Use It Effectively Everyday?

The law of attraction states that any event, whether positive or negative, is attracted to us.

You may have often wondered why some things are easy for you, and others seem like insuperable obstacles. Sometimes it seems that the world is angry with you, that everything is going wrong: work, loved ones, economic conditions. At other times, however, more or less often, you feel strong and successful, as if no one could touch you.

According to the law of attraction, these two conditions are the result exclusively of what you think. Everything depends on you.

In this article, you will learn what the law of attraction is, how it came about, and how to apply it in everyday life. Also, you will find out that you can make your life truly extraordinary, starting from your head.

Law of Attraction Explained

The law of attraction is a “universal” law. According to this philosophy, each of us attracts everything that he gets in life, both positive and negative things. In other words, positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, whereas negative thoughts bring negative outcomes.

The universe is guided by different laws that persist constantly. The law of gravity is one of them for example.

In physics, the word used to name the driving force of the entire universe is the word “energy”. In theology, the word “God” is used.

We do not see all these laws with our eyes, but we can perceive their effects.

Similarly, according to the law of attraction, it is our mind that determines the course of our life.

As the wind is the result of many small currents, our life is also the result of our thoughts. The more they extend towards the direction we desire, the more it delineates itself obscuring the opposite ones.

Therefore, we are the first, unconsciously, to direct our destiny.

Law of Attraction Origins

The law of attraction was born from the pre-classical age. Its founder seems to be the same as that of the philosophical current of Hermeticism: Hermes Trismegistus.

The texts found dating back to that time, ie the writings later called “Corpus Hermeticum”, date back to him.

According to this current, the individual is strongly connected with the universe. Therefore, happiness does not depend on external factors but comes from within. We must break down our limiting beliefs to write for ourselves the destiny we want.

For the first time, the terminology “law of attraction” was used in 1906. William Walker Atkinson used it in his book Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World.

He writes: “If we understand that thought is a force, a form of energy, we will begin to understand the why of many things that are obscure to us.”

Even now, we ourselves are applying this law, the course of our life is the result.

4 Law of Attraction Exercises to Practise Daily

There are some steps to take to manifest the law of attraction to our advantage. We will list some of them below with 3 simple exercises you can practice daily and implement in your everyday life.

1. Gratitude

One of the biggest mistakes is not taking responsibility for what happens to us.

Blame, resentment or anger – these are all harmful actions for us. So the first step is to live the here and now, and feel gratitude for the good things in life.

A very effective exercise to manifest the law of attraction is to stop for 5 minutes every day and think about what you are grateful for in the world.

2. Eliminate limiting beliefs

Another very important action to change our lives is to cleanse ourselves of our limiting beliefs.

A quote from Bruce Di Marsico reads: “Although it doesn’t seem so obvious, we are unhappy because we want or choose to be”.

A good way to identify limiting beliefs is to reflect on yourself by asking yourself a few questions.

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What am I unhappy about? Why? What if I weren’t unhappy with that thing?

We often feel compelled to feel anxious, or we think we don’t deserve happiness. identifying and eliminating limiting beliefs is a very important step to take.

3. Bring thoughts to light

Has it ever happened to you that you want something, and systematically get the exact opposite? A good job, a good relationship, a nice house for example.

This happens because your conscious thought is directed in one direction, the unconscious in the opposite one. By doing so, your life becomes the result of a confrontation between two different parts of you. When both cancel, as often happens, you end up getting the minimum result with the maximum effort.

Therefore, the first thing to do to beat a very strong opponent is to first know him. A good way to avoid this confrontation is to expose negative thoughts. Next, as a judge, don’t take them for real regardless, but find supporting evidence. You will realize how, in reality, many of your beliefs are completely wrong.

4. Forgiveness

Asking, or giving forgiveness, is the action that releases us the most from our mental blocks. When emotions such as envy, anger and resentment linger within us for a long time, they become real feelings.

These become dangerous because they slowly wear us out, taking away the energy needed to be happy.

Think of a person you feel you have one of these feelings about. Now echoes the fact that he hurt you. Try to forgive him inside. If he did, most likely, it was because he has injured herself.

When you do it for real, it will be like taking off a weight that blocks your path.

And you, what do you think of the law of attraction? It works? Let us know in the comments!

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