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Judger or Perceiver: which one are you?

Judger or Perceiver: which one are you?

Judger or Perceiver: which one are you?

The difference between Judger and Perceiver

Your personality type is made up of four psychological preferences chosen from four couples of personality traits: extrovert or introvert, sensor or intuitive, thinker or feeler, judger or perceiver. You have a natural and inborn preference for either one of the options of the four couples. in this article, we analyse the final dichotomy and, while reading, figure out which one fits you best. 

How do a judger and a perceiver live their outer life? 

When we talk about the personality types theory, the terms judging and perceiving refer to two different ways to live the outer life. 

Judgers want to be in full control of their lives. They like to be organized and plan in the detail to have a specific schedule. Instead, perceivers prefer to not follow a set plan because it makes them feel restricted. They want to experience life as it happens. They have a flexible and spontaneous lifestyle. As a consequence, they adapt very easily to the world around them instead of trying to organize it. 

How do they behave at work?

The two personality types have two different ways to approach to work. Judgers like to have one task at a time with a deadline to meet. Indeed, they focus on their goal until they reach it. On the contrary, perceivers avoid repetitive task. They prefer to be multi-tasking and jump from one thing to another. They tend to do most of their work at the last minute because they prefer to use all the time they are given to gather as much information as possible. In this way, if new information comes in, they are always ready to change course. Indeed, perceivers easily adapt to change even if this happens at the last minute. 

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Obviously, all of us use both our judging and perceiving processes, but only one of them suit you best.

Do you seek structure and a set schedule or do you prefer a flexible and spontaneous lifestyle?

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