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5 Questions That Will Improve Your Life In 2021

5 Questions That Will Improve Your Life In 2021

5 questions to improve your life in 2021 | Limitless Success Blog

How to improve your life in the new year

In the common imagination, today it is believed that speed and efficiency are the founders of success and the basis for improving your life. Realization simply means being able to get a prize, a record, a victory, a good bank account.

In fact, all of these are goals that do not fully depend on us. The criteria for winning a match, a prize or a race are only conventional criteria, they reside outside of us.

You can reach goals and remain equally alien to yourself, under the illusion of having a place in the world. This is the real problem of our day.

Improve your life: the revolution starts from within

We cannot control everything that happens, but our reaction, the ability to act in different circumstances. True fulfilment comes from within. Before acting, you need to have a clear plan, as in all areas of our life.

So, the first important step in understanding how to improve your life is to stop for a moment, reflect and ask yourself questions about yourself and your life. Below we will see 5 that can put some light on your way.

How to improve your life

1. What am I grateful for in my existence?

Before thinking about what’s wrong, it’s very helpful to understand which areas of your life you feel lucky and grateful. You may find that, after all, you have many good qualities too.

A nice home, a partner, a good job, children, grandchildren. All reasons why you might feel lucky and happy. What are yours?

We often forget our value, we focus on our targets, forgetting what we have achieved so far. Sometimes, it is also useful to look back a little.

Gratitude is a very powerful weapon to increase self-esteem and give us the right energy to achieve a goal.

2. How do I rate my life currently?

Here you have to be very careful. We often confuse or influence our own judgment with that of others. Remember: you are the first and last to be able to judge your being! Do not let yourself be discouraged by criticism, an integral and positive person does not criticize, but enlightens and stimulates you. Those who transmit negativity probably have worse problems than yours. Therefore, we must listen to who we admire, not who we fear.

However, we must also reflect on ourselves in a productive, non-destructive way. So ask yourself the following questions positively: What areas of my life am I satisfied with? What should I improve instead? (Instead of: what’s disastrous?)

What would you like to improve? Work, family, relationships, hobbies, financial status, health, etc.

Put it in writing, it will help you clarify your ideas.

3. What does it mean to be successful and accomplished for me?

What is your purpose? For each of us, the conception of self-realization coincides with different prerogatives. This is because there are different environments and values. Often these are passed down from our family. Money, career, popularity are all possible goals that come from outside of us.

Money needs an economic system, if you live in a place without water and food it won’t do you much good.

Your career is the result of a social convention, to be considered a “boss” there must be people who recognize you as such. Therefore, career advancement is a consequence of our actions, it should not represent the purpose.

Popularity requires continuous visibility, which without an audience would fail. Therefore, you have to respond to the needs of the same, not to your own.

So these are only means that can help us to achieve realization. Often they are confused with the ultimate goal. This is a serious mistake because once reached, it is equally navigated in unhappiness.

What really matters? Try to find a purpose that is yours alone, that is entirely up to you. A goal that you could achieve even without a penny, without an audience or without an arm for example.

Some of these can be growing, learning, having healthy and sincere relationships, contributing to the world. As you can see, these are examples of realization that depend only on us, that nothing and nobody can ever take away from us. Not even our health condition.

Have you ever heard of Nick Vujicic? He is the director of the non-profit organization “Life Without Limbs”, which supports disabled people. He is suffering from tetra-amelia syndrome, a disease that has deprived him of all 4 limbs. Nonetheless, after numerous difficulties, today he is a motivational speaker. In addition, he has written books and even starred in a short film.

He can be an inspiration to all of us. This shows us that when motivation comes from within, it can get anywhere.

4. What prevents me from fulfilling myself?

What limits me in achieving a goal? What keeps me anchored to the ground? Asking yourself is already a big step towards improving yourself.

The environment, friends, ideas, limiting beliefs, fears. All possible causes of our inability to act. They are quite normal, we all have at least one obstacle that prevents us from growing.

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Try to identify all the factors to be eliminated, to get rid of the force of inertia that anchors you to the ground. This is a real challenge with yourself, which will take you to unexplored destinations.

Do you have a particular fear that makes it difficult for you to progress? Do you have any beliefs that might affect your judgment about certain aspects of your life? Do you have negative people around you who could stand in your way?

Think about it. The main difficulty consists in identifying the problem. Once this is done, you are already halfway through the improvement path.

5. What am I doing to improve my life today?

How was I a year ago? Have I grown, regressed or still the same? For what particular reason? These questions are fundamental to understanding where we are today. They are used to understand if you are making the right effort.

Perhaps you will find that the work you are doing is already remarkable. Therefore, you only need a little patience to reap the benefits. However, many times it is sensed that the direction is the wrong one and must change course. It’s never too late.

Now take a look in the mirror and ask yourself: What will I be like in 5 years with my current habits? In work, personal growth, economic prospects, etc.

Take what is good and throw away the harmful actions and habits. Do it for yourself.


These are fundamental questions that will help you understand where you are going and how to adjust your course.

Of course, there are numerous qualities that must be acquired at the basis of achievement and success. Constancy, mentality, determination, preparation are just some of these. Fortunately, all of them can be trained and learned, with the right commitment and dedication.

You can be successful too, start today!

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