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How to Plan Your Life Goals: Goal Settings Rules

How to Plan Your Life Goals: Goal Settings Rules

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How to Plan Your Life Goals and Achieve Them in 5 Steps

We have seen, in a previous article, how to set a goal and achieve it, but how do you plan your goals?

Fate sometimes influences our choices, but we must not let him have the last word. Therefore, our goals are the only weapon we have to put our signature on the book of our existence.

Every successful person dreams big and isn’t ashamed of it. Elon Musk has repeatedly stated that he wants to bring humanity to the planet Mars. Bill Gates dreams of overcoming poverty in the world. Therefore, below we will see the 5 steps to define our goals, and plan them in the most optimal way.

Personal Goal Setting Golden Rules to Plan Your Goals and Achieve Them

1. Plan Goals that Represent an “Ultimate Goal”

It can be very dangerous to be guided by the wrong goals. Unfortunately, the modern conception of them does not help to find the right ones for us. Teachings in schools mostly lead us to “adapt” to society.

“Study hard! So you can get a good job ”. How many times have you heard that?

The most common goals are a career and money. Then it happens that one morning you wake up, and you realize you’ve spent your life doing things you don’t like to do.

So, choose and plan a personal goal that takes you towards an ultimate end, not a means to achieve it. Money, power, popularity, success – these are means, not ends.

What’s yours? What would you do with 1 million euros? What would you teach to an audience that hangs from your lips?

Having a steady job, financial security or supporting a family are needs, not dreams. Examples of goals to be achieved could be traveling, learning a skill, or forming true and sincere relationships.

3. Define Objectives and Visualize the Goal Achieved

Visualizing a goal periodically takes 10 minutes for yourself. Get comfortable, and start imagining yourself once you’ve accomplished your goal.

What emotions would you feel? Where would you find yourself? With who? Dwell on every detail around you.

This practice is often underestimated, yet it is very powerful. Living our greatest aspiration allows us to find the right energy to begin to believe in it for real.

If the emotions you feel in visualizing are really strong, it means that it is the right goal.

3. Have a list of goals in life to be achieved (and design and action plan)

At this point, what needs to be done concretely to achieve your goal? What are the steps required to achieve it? It is essential to break it up into smaller stages. It will help you a lot to write down everything that needs to be done to make your dream come true.

Set deadlines. You need to have a reference also in terms of time. Otherwise, you risk getting lost along the way.

In addition, it also identifies the resources needed to make it all happen. How much money do you need? Do you need any qualifications in particular? How long will it take to get it? Defining all the steps to achieve your goal will make it much closer to you.

3. Believe in yourself, plan your life and make your dream come true

People around you may say that you are out of touch with reality, but how do you think of something that doesn’t exist? I can imagine for example a horse with wings, but both the horse and the wings exist. Think about it, it’s impossible to imagine something we’ve never seen, at least once. Therefore, if you have a dream, it means is true and tangible.

Think positive! Surround yourself with people who support you, approach those who give you energy, not those who take it away from you.

Motivation and determination are communicable, so tap into the richest sources. Hang out with people who are positive, or who are already where you want to be.

The Web is a very effective tool for doing this. Social networks like Facebook are very useful for asking advice from experts in a particular sector.

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4. Train your mind and track your progress

Resources, motivation and competence are not enough to reach a goal. In order to make your dream come true, you still need a small ingredient to make your life wonderful: constancy.

Don’t stop in front of obstacles. The harder they are, the happier you will be when you get over them.

Consistency serves precisely to not stop us after a failure. All realized people have failed, even more than once.

Hence, you need to train your mind because this is precisely the key to getting where you would never expect. If you have no self-confidence, nothing can help you achieve your goal.

Furthermore, this process is very useful for fueling our self-esteem, and not losing motivation. Periodically check where you are on your route.

How to plan a goal the easy way

In this article, you have learnt how to set and plan a life goal. You also discovered what it takes to make our dream come true, which has nothing to do with luck or chance.

We cannot control everything, this is taken for granted. However, many people give up by always blaming the course of events or something that is not theirs.

So why not give your all for something important to you? If you use all your available weapons for the cause, you have already won, regardless of the result.

So why not start now?

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