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How to Motivate Yourself in 3 Steps

How to Motivate Yourself in 3 Steps

How to motivate yourself?

3 Simple ways to motivate yourself and stop procrastinating

Self-motivation and defeating procrastination is not at all obvious and simple. Raise your hand if you make the list of good intentions in January and do the opposite during the year. Don’t worry, at this moment you are not the only one with your hands raised behind the screen. Let’s try to understand why our good intentions do not evolve into real projects. In this article, we will see how to motivate yourself and defeat procrastination with 3 science-proof methods.

Have you ever gotten excited about a project to the point where you don’t think about anything else and that over time this excitement fades? Did you bet on the wrong horse? Is your enthusiasm fickle? No, you make the mistake of procrastinating.

You let yourself be carried away by that feeling of calm, of superficial tranquility that allows you to postpone your project.

Procrastination means making fun of the future to avoid the present. So how to motivate yourself and overcome procrastination?

How can you overcome procrastination?

The mistake is underestimating the effects that procrastination has on our future. Isolating individual events and giving them little importance, for example postponing an important thing, leads you to ignore how those episodes can affect the general picture of your life.

The problem is that we prefer transient happiness. We prefer to do today the things that we like or that are at least not demanding and we postpone the important and priority ones. Which, if completed, would thrill us in a very different way.

How many times does it happen to you to be satisfied with momentary but certain pleasure, rather than waiting for a future but doubtful one?

Procrastination should be used in reverse – putting off the simple things and doing the hard things today. Focus on priority things and postpone the others, after all, they are not so important are they?

How to boost self-motivation and beat procrastination?

First of all, you need to be aware of knowing when to procrastinate and when it’s bad to do so. Postponing becomes a way to escape from something that tends to intimidate us and that too often is a priority.

Waiting can be dangerous and can miss opportunities that will be difficult to meet again. How could you react to this eventuality?

1. Priorities

Write a list of your priorities, they shouldn’t be more than two. By doing so, you are already excluding the rest of your commitments which are not a priority for now. There will be time and way to deal with them later. Now, you know what you cannot postpone.

You have to be honest with yourself, in the evening or in the morning write down your priorities and dedicate them during the day.

2. Make your homework smaller

How many times have you postponed something important? Most of the time it is because we are convinced that the task is too demanding for us. It is more than natural: it is a human condition to dress against and undress for pros. Think about it, if someone tells you: “Run, until you reach a 50 km journey.” How do you think you would react?

Having never done it before, and without the slightest training, the first reaction will be to walk away from that task and postpone it until maybe the right time comes. February 31st could go right?

If, on the other hand, the same person told you: “You run 5 km a week for 10 weeks.” Set up like this, it’s less difficult, isn’t it?

Many times we stop and postpone the task to be performed because it seems too difficult at first glance. Break your goal into small pieces, it will be much easier to achieve it.

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PS: 5 km a week, that’s about 700 meters a day, it seems even more simple and motivating doesn’t it?

3. Reward yourself

“Just 5 minutes on social media and I’ll get back to work.” How many times do you repeat this phrase but then time flies and you decide to postpone your work? Know that it is normal to get distracted. Social networks were created specifically for users to spend as much time as possible within the platform. The important thing is that this does not lead us to slow down and postpone constantly.

Do not deprive yourself of your entertainment. It would lead you to hate what you are doing. Rather organize them, after a certain period of time you spent at work, for example, an hour, dedicate ten minutes to social or other entertainment.

Remember, entertainment is more than legitimate and just, but first the duty and then the pleasure. Small tip, in this, the tomato technique could help you.

How to motivate yourself to overcome procrastination?

Procrastination is more than natural. We cannot always be available, it would also become harmful to our health. The important thing is to give each task the right importance and be aware of the fact that each goal that we postpone will have a different impact on our life.

If you have a dream, a goal, don’t wait. Take the first step starting tomorrow. Program it and divide it, it will seem easier and you will not be looking forward to starting. Take that first small step and you will see how motivated you will feel to continue.

It is proven that self-esteem grows and strengthens with the achievement of small victories. So what will your next step be?

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