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How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation the Most

How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation the Most

come godersi le vacanze estive

Golden Rules to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation and Make the Most of It

We are in the middle of summer, some have already returned from holidays, while others can’t wait to leave for their vacation.

We are used to running all day, doing a lot of overtime, having lunch on the fly and diving back into our hectic everyday life.

We identify with our profession, and sometimes we forget about the work-life balance, not distinguishing well the office hours from our private life. In fact, the accumulated stress and tensions easily reappear even when we relax and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn the golden rules to enjoy your summer vacation (even at home) and make the most of it.

Returning fresh and rested is essential to perform at your best and also be more productive. Therefore, we will see how to do it later.

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

1. Don’t offset circadian rhythms

How many of us completely alter the usual hours during the holidays? We go to bed very late, we get up even later, we eat at unlikely times.

Yet all of this takes us in the opposite direction to that of rest and relaxation.

In fact, the body takes some time to get used to the new rhythms. When it stabilizes, the holidays are often over. So, we go back to work stressed and upset, and it takes a lot longer to get back into shape.

Pulling off the plug does not mean detaching yourself from the habits of your body. If the brain is used to certain rhythms we must respect them, or give it time to gradually readjust itself.

Therefore, do not go to sleep at 6 in the morning on the first few days of vacation, and do not wake up at 2 in the afternoon. The brain needs time, and you have to give it to it to rest at its best.

2. Disconnect

Several studies and scientific research have shown that mobile devices cause distraction, inattention and the ability to control emotions.

In short, with the incessant use over time we lose contact with ourselves and with the moment. Furthermore, we gradually become unable to control negative emotions, becoming more irritable and less conscientious. In fact, whoever does harm means that he is ill.

All this distances itself from the concept of rest and time for oneself.

So, during your holidays, have the opportunity to get away from your computer and mobile phone, and experience nature and the world around you more.

Disconnecting means leaving everything digital for a moment, and enjoying the moments with the people you love to the fullest.

Therefore, if you have a job that requires constant availability, turn off the phone during the holidays, or delegate tasks.

3. Avoid crowded places

The more crowded a plant is, the more its cost will rise, and the less it can guarantee you an efficient service.

Therefore, pay attention to the place you choose, because the success or failure of your summer holiday also depends on this. Furthermore, as anticipated in this article, each of us has goals that are more suitable, based on the type of personality.

You can relax by the sea, in the mountains, on the plains, or even at home. However, the more you book at the place you are staying, the less opportunity there will be to enjoy desired amenities.

Endless lines, confined spaces, delays – all they do is increase your stress, and this will certainly affect your well-being.

Going on vacation does not necessarily mean paying exaggerated amounts to go to the most popular places.

Resting and relaxing can also mean spending time alone or with your family and friends in peace. This does not mean being estranged from the whole world, but simply not following the frenzy that we already experience all year round.

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4. Do some alternative activities

Some people relax by doing 20 kilometres of trekking daily and others who do it by lounging on the sofa.

The important thing is not to indulge in idleness as an end in itself, because that too is a source of stress.

So, use your vacation to do activities you’ve been planning for a long time. Reading a book, meditating, mountain biking, taking a swimming course for example.

The important thing is that it is an activity that you are passionate about, because it never tires, indeed it regenerates you.

Spending all the time lazing around can be deleterious because you lose the perception of time and of yourself.

In addition, doing alternative activities allows you to acquire new skills, which may also be useful at work.

5. Spend time with the people you love

During the year, on average, one-third of the day is spent away from home. So why not make the most of your vacation days to spend some time with your loved ones, family and friends?

It can also be an opportunity to cultivate relationships, especially when you work all day.

All of this decreases the accumulated stress, making you happier and more present.


We have seen what are the 5 golden rules for learning to disconnect from work, fully enjoy the summer holidays and recharge your batteries for the return journey. Now, it’s up to you to make your summer extraordinary. What are you going to do on vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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