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How to connect with people

How to connect with people

How to connect with people

3 ways to connect with anyone you meet

Have you ever wondered why it is important to connect with others? Stop for a moment to think. Have you ever felt alone? Probably yes, who has never experienced this feeling at least once?

Well, loneliness can also be experienced with a partner, family or work group. This happens because we have no real intimate bonds with anyone. A full and fulfilled life cannot be separated from healthy relationships. “Healthy” means sincere, spontaneous and above all true.

Relationships can be established in different forms: affective, spiritual, emotional, etc. All of these features have something in common: sharing. Sharing means giving a part of yourself to the other and vice versa.

So, how do you connect with others? Below we will see 3 fundamental elements to surround yourself with authentic relationships and improve your professional and private life.

How to build connections with others in life and work


It is impossible not to communicate. Even when we are silent, we somehow convey something of ourselves. We can do it with words, with gestures but also with posture.

Communication to connect with others must first of all be clear and sincere. The goal is to be the first to go towards the interlocutor and let him come towards us, but only if he is ready to do so. Expressing false thoughts while trying to convince someone is one of the most common mistakes.

How do you connect with people?

An important element is active listening. If someone is expressing their idea or experience to us, they are sharing something with us. “Active” means that we must give importance to his speech, asking questions for example. Our world map is not the only one that exists, understanding another point of view can be useful to us, agree or not with the same.

Also, be kind, smile, instil optimism. Positivity is contagious, transmitting it is important to create a deep bond with people.

2. Empathy

What is empathy? It is the ability to put oneself in the other’s shoes, perceiving their emotions and thoughts. This is a very important skill, sometimes innate, while others need to be learned. It serves to relate us beyond words, creating a real connection.

Can you empathize with deception? Absolutely not. You cannot convey an emotion if you don’t feel it because it requires pure sincerity.

So how do you go about developing it? First, you have to behave with humility. Putting yourself one step above others destroys the relationship. Give sincere, not flattering compliments.

Also, you can look for common characteristics. However, it can be quite a challenge to succeed in this. It sometimes seems really impossible to us, but it is not. There is always something to share, it can be cheering for a team, a passion or a past experience.

Finally, let your guard down, share your experiences too: relational, funny or disappointing.

3. Willpower

Have you ever met someone who apparently seemed unpleasant but then made you change your mind?

Like it or not, we all formulate prejudices and preconceptions, yet they harm relationships. To connect deeply with others, you have to put them aside, welcome new ways of seeing reality.

Therefore, the third and final tool is the will.

Be willing to connect, if something inside you doesn’t want it you won’t be able to relate. If so, you should first work on your limiting belief or bias that is preventing you from doing so. Quiet! We all have preconceptions that limit us, and can be eliminated. Just want it.

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The deep bonds must above all be sought, with initiative and curiosity.

Here’s a challenge for you: from tomorrow try to meet a new person every day. You will notice how it will be easier and easier to relate. We do not form deep relationships by always attending the same places and people only.

Technology: a double-edged sword

Sometimes we forget the substantial difference between an object and its representation. For example, what is the difference between an apple and an apple’s drawing? You can eat the apple but not the drawing. Now you will ask yourself: what does this have to do with connecting with others? Let’s see it.

Social networks and technology are an important tool for connecting with society. For example to allow us to communicate with distant people. Via these, we can know what they do, what they like.

However, we often believe that what happens behind a smartphone screen replaces real life. The most serious mistake is to consider social networks not complementary to communication, but rather a substitute for it. Nonetheless, they are only a representation of reality and social life. From tools that facilitate our experiences, we have transformed them into those that instead of distance them. Therefore, care must be taken in their use.

And you? Are you satisfied with your relationships? Were these tools useful to you? Or did you already know them?

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