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How to become extraordinary

How to become extraordinary

How to become extraordinary

4 steps to go from ordinary to extraordinary

We all can be extraordinary. In fact, each of us is born with our own exceptionality. As adults we often forget about this, in fact, we often slowly regress towards the “average”.

This happens because we don’t take our life in hand and let destiny take its course. It may or may not be satisfying. However, happiness doesn’t depend on us this way.

Mediocrity is simple because it requires no effort or awareness. Nonetheless, the price to pay is to live OUR life as a society and the environment require us: outside of ourselves. What hardly anyone knows is that we can write our own destiny.

How to live an extraordinary life

Have you ever wondered if you are really happy? Are you happy to start the day as soon as you wake up in the morning? The extraordinary consists precisely in this.

Being exceptional means being in the full flow of life, constantly evolving and giving something of ourselves to the world. Here is good news: you can achieve all this too!

In this article, I’ll show you the 4 steps you have to take to become extraordinary. Vishen Lakhiani developed them after years of study. You must know that he is one of the most influential personalities in the world of personal growth as well as co-founder and CEO of Mindvalley.

How ordinary people can become extraordinary

Before we see the ways to be extraordinary, let’s take a step back. You must know that all human beings are guided by 6 main needs. 4 are basic and 2 more advanced.

Basic needs

The basic needs are security, variety, uniqueness, love/relationship. Every human action is focused on the fulfilment of at least one of these, excluding the vital ones (eating, breathing, etc.).

As you may have noticed, one is the opposite of the other. In fact, if we focus too much on the need for security we will end up living a boring and monotonous life. Also, if we give too much weight to our uniqueness we will end up having nothing to share, therefore being alone.

Advanced needs

The advanced ones are growth and contribution. These are fulfilled when we are able to satisfy and balance the first 4. Extraordinary people never stop growing, learning and contributing by pursuing a mission.

These two needs allow us to reach self-realization. It is the maximum expression of one’s identity and potential.

Below, we will see how Lakhians, in the book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, guide us towards the best version of ourselves.

Make your life extraordinary – Step 1

To build a house with a new project, the pre-existing structure must first be demolished. Our limiting beliefs and habits are nothing more than the “old fabric” of our life. It must be identified and eliminated before building and installing the new one.

The first degree of awareness is to find out what are our mental mechanisms that limit us.

Beliefs are our model of reality. Everyone has their own. They usually unconsciously self-define themselves according to experiences, their own culture and that of the surrounding environment. They can be limiting or empowering. Of course, we have to see and eliminate the limiting ones.

Habits are our way of life, that is, how we practice our beliefs on a daily basis.

For example:

Habit: every day it takes me half an hour to fix my hair.
Possible model of limiting reality: I have to present myself at my best because the opinion of others about me is important.
What might be your limiting habits and beliefs?

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs and Get Over Them – Step 2

Once we discover our limiting patterns, we come to the second stage: how can we eliminate them?

The second degree of awareness is understanding what is wrong and how to get over it. First, once we have listed our beliefs, we need to ask ourselves the following questions: is my model of reality absolute or relative? Does it empower me or limit me? What skill do I need to take him out?

Here is the continuation of the previous example:

Habit: every day it takes me half an hour to fix my hair.
Possible model of limiting reality: I have to present myself at my best because the opinion of others about me is important.
How to get over it: increase self-esteem, I’m good regardless of my hair.

After all, one of the most frequent and harmful beliefs is precisely the fear of not being up to par. A useful exercise to combat this is to list at least 3 things in your life that you are grateful for and love about yourself. You will realize that, after all, you too have a value to express.

Find Empowering Beliefs That Lead You To Success – Step 3

People who go from ordinary to extraordinary know how to best balance all areas of their reality. How many people focus on just some and leave out others? How many reach the top in their careers by neglecting the family, for example?

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Therefore, the third stage of awareness is to install new empowering beliefs and habits in the deficient areas. How to do it? Through two very powerful means: happiness in the present and vision for the future.

The vision for the future includes our goals. Lakhians define them as “self-powered”. This means that they must not be things that do not depend on us. Getting money or wanting a certain person next to you, for example, are means, not goals.

Happiness in the present is about enjoying the journey as much as the destination. If you are unhappy during the journey towards your target, it means that it is not the right one. Happiness is the cause of success, not the consequence.

An example of a goal could be to build deep relationships, or to improve in a certain skill. So what are your goals?

Be extraordinary and enter the Flow of Happiness – Step 4

Here we are at the last stage of awareness: automating the skills acquired, entering the flow of life.

Have you ever succeeded in something perfectly and in the meantime do not realize it? Hitting a card in the basket several times, a football dribble, writing a poem, playing a melody etc. Here, at that precise moment you are in the “flow”, that is, you do things automatically and perfectly or almost perfectly. After you ask yourself: how did I do it?

How is this state of mind reached constantly and not just for a few moments? In two ways: being steadfast and dedicating yourself to your vocation.

Being steadfast means being in control of the final goal, disconnecting from the opinion of others and being present to yourself, always.

Dedicating yourself to your vocation is simple, because when you have it, it is itself your motivation. It is difficult to recognize it. If in your mind you imagine heaven on earth filling your heart, what would it be like? What exactly would that be about? Well, what has come to your mind will probably be your calling.

How to live an extraordinary life

As you have seen, to be extraordinary and live an extraordinary life does not require innate or supernatural abilities. We all can be. It is enough to awaken our qualities clouded by everyday life and the external environment.

Today it is difficult to discover our hidden sides because we have neither the time nor the way to do it. Everything is due to the mass. Mediocrity attracts us with an imposing force. If we don’t resist this force we will end up waking up one day and asking ourselves: why didn’t I try? You have a lot of untapped potentials to use. How far could you go? Only you can find out.

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