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How to Beat The Post Vacation Blues for Real

How to Beat The Post Vacation Blues for Real


How to deal with the end of vacation: 5 ways to avoid the post vacation blues

In this article, we will explain how to get back to work in the best way, and deal with the post holiday syndrome or post vacation blues.

We are in the final period of the summer, and many of us have returned or will soon return to work. However, most of us suffer from post-travel depression (PTD).

There is a big difference between a vacation and work rhythms. For example, in the hours of sleep, in nutrition, in daily habits. On vacation, we completely detach ourselves from the fast pace we are used to, and the return can be traumatic.

The symptoms can be the most disparate, from insomnia to irascibility and nervousness, up to a feeling of perennial tiredness.

So, how to prevent and avoid re-entry syndrome? In this article, we will describe 5 useful tips to overcome post vacation blues, and live the end of the holidays in a peaceful way.

How to overcome post vacation blues in 5 steps

1. Return to work gradually

On vacation times expand. You can do what you like and avoid the rest without too many worries or obligations. Hence, drastically returning to old habits, schedules and a hectic pace can cause stress.

Therefore, it is necessary to carve out a period of transition, to get the mind and body used to the new everyday life.

Come back from vacation a day or two earlier than expected, to allow your body to orient itself in the best way.

In these transition days, start dealing with sleep, sleeping the same hours you sleep on workdays.

Respecting meal times is also very important, in fact, try to realign the times of lunch and dinner in advance. You will probably not be hungry given the holiday rhythms, but it is necessary to make an effort to make your life easier when you return.

Experiencing this moment of preparation will allow you to reduce the impact of your working life, and start off without the blues.

2. Exercise

Maybe you will wonder what physical activity has to do with it. Yet even doing aerobic exercise allows you to soften your return from vacation.

In fact, they allow you to better manage anxiety and stress, thanks to the release of benevolent hormones such as serotonin. Therefore, doing physical activity allows you to reduce the stress of returning and better manage the change of habits.

You don’t necessarily have to do intense exercises, but even a walk in the countryside can be ideal.

A quarter of an hour every day is enough to revitalize you and restart your working life in the best possible way and beat the post vacation blues.

3. Relive the vacation

It is useful, as far as possible, to relive some holiday habits to make returning to work even easier. Take some aspects of the holiday and carry them on afterwards as well.

For example, you can eat the food you ate on vacation, or do some similar activity such as visiting a nearby town.

Also, another way to relive your vacation is to share photos and videos with friends or family. Also in this way change is approached in a positive way.

Don’t stop relaxing even after the holidays. Find a moment of the day when you can feel calm and carefree, perhaps under the sun.

4. Make the most of the weekend

You can use the following weekends to organize other mini holidays, at least until the end of September.

For example, you can book a relaxing treatment at a SPA, or spend time outdoors. With the thought of this beautiful program waiting for you, even the first week of work will feel sweeter.

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In addition, you can also start planning the next holidays, next Christmas for example.

Having a pleasant and well-defined future program allows you to focus on positive energy, which significantly reduces the re-entry syndrome.

5. Meditate

Meditation is very effective for this type of situation.

One of the most developing meditation practices is Mindfulness. This typology allows you to work on the presence of yourself, that is, on the awareness of the body and mind.

Presence to yourself allows you to reduce stress, and to regroup all the energies without losing them.

Of course, meditation does not necessarily mean sitting on an uncomfortable carpet for an hour staring into space. You can meditate outdoors, walking in the park, or in a thousand other ways and places.

After all, not being present to oneself is the main source of stress, including that of returning from vacation. Therefore, the more aware you are of what you are feeling, the easier it becomes to deal with negative emotions.

Do you suffer from post vacation blues?

Now that the holidays are over, we have seen 5 tips to help you overcome the stress of returning from vacation and get back in shape. And you? Do you have any foolproof techniques to combat post vacation blues? Let us know in the comments!

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