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How to be more productive: best productivity tips

How to be more productive: best productivity tips

How to be productive

10 ways to be more productive

How to be more productive? We have been raised with the idea that the more you work, the busier you are and the more we will get results. But how many people have achieved personal or financial success by adopting this type of attitude?

In fact, you have to aware that the busier you are, the less productive you will be. We all have 24 hours, but how come someone in that period of time obtains extraordinary results, unlike others? Let’s see it together.

In this article, I will reveal 10 techniques adopted by highly productive people to boost your productivity, at work, in the study and in your routine. Let me tell you more: you can put these methods into practice right away.

Ho to be more productive

The 80/20 Rule: how to increase productivity using the Pareto Principle

Are you always busy and don’t have time to enjoy life? Take some time to answer this question. What is 20% of the sources that cause 80% of your results and your happiness?

As soon as you have found them, focus only on them. The rest of the sources do not produce the results you want. Focus on that 20% and you will see how your results change.

To be productive you have to cut, not add.

Parkinson’s law to focus on goals

Cyrill Northcote Parkinson, an English historian who worked in the British service, observed how the perception of the difficulty and importance of a task increases in relation to the time allotted for its execution.

Tighten time, do you have to finish a task that expires in a month? Reduce it to a week. You will see how the pressure of time will force you to be more productive and focus on the goal.

Thus, you will have no choice but to do the essentials to complete it within the pre-established deadline.

Avoid the To do list and increase your productivity

The 80/20 Rule and the Parkinson play an important role in planning and in our productivity and encourage us to do what is essential. It seems counterproductive. However, doing the essentials will accelerate and concretize the achievement of your goal.

Absolutely avoid the classic to-do list, it will only keep you busy but it won’t help you be truly productive. If you were forced to work only two hours a day, what things would you pay attention to? What are the two things that doing today would truly bring value to your work and your life?

Set yourself two daily goals, no more and dedicated only to them, the rest can wait or at least it is not so important.

Take some time off

It is essential to take two days off a week when you don’t have to think about work. Our brain is similar to a car engine. If you put it under stress for a prolonged time it is more than natural that it suffers. We must treat our mind with absolute respect and delicacy. Know when it is under stress and let it rest.

Remember, to get certain benefits, our brain must be able to provide them and if we are tired it becomes quite difficult to be productive.

Pomodoro Technique

Our brain has an attention span ranging from 30 to 45 minutes. After that, it begins to slow down and struggles to learn information. This is when the “Pomodoro Technique”, invented by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s, comes to our aid.

Break up your work into blocks called tomatoes. Each block lasts 25 minutes. In that amount of time, eliminate distractions, silence your devices and immerse yourself in your work.

When the tomato runs out, relax and take a 5 minute break, then throw yourself headlong into your activities for another 25 minutes. Take a 25-minute break for every 4 tomatoes. You will see that by doing so your productivity will increase exponentially.

Small tip, use your cell phone only during breaks and concentrate in them the possible distractions that would lead to wandering your mind in your activities.

Organize errands

“I have to answer the emails, then I have to go to the laundry and damn I have to finish calling all the customers! Ah what a disgusting day, I can’t wait to lie down in bed and stop thinking about anything! “

Maybe the actions will change, but I bet you found yourself in this situation too.

Organize one day a week where you do all those time-wasting tasks, like going to the grocery store, cleaning up, going to the post office or bank, answering emails etc.

The rest of the days your mind will be free from possible distractions and commitments. As a result, you can dedicate yourself exclusively to your goals and increase your productivity.

Check your emails once a day around noon, this is the time when the most are sent.

Do not be anxious about losing something important, emergencies are rarely such, and in any case, if it is really urgent they will find another way to contact you.

Have a routine

Our day depends a lot on how we start in the morning. Having a morning routine is essential to be productive and to set our mind not to be invaded and disturbed by external events. Staying focused on the important things is vital to completing them. But exactly what to do in the routine?

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Meditate. It is scientifically proven that meditation helps learning, memory and the management of our emotions. It is a great ally, do not deprive yourself.
Visualize. Visualizing your goals each morning will affect your mind and without you realizing it, it will move to achieve them.
Write or draw. Drawing a map that represents the path to reach the goal will clarify your mind and day after day, this will take on an increasingly realistic aspect.

Reading books will change your life

Let’s pretend that every morning we set the alarm 30-40 minutes before our usual time, and we use those minutes to read a book on a certain topic. Possibly it helps us to achieve our goal, what would happen?

On average, we read 15 to 25 pages in 30 minutes. A book usually contains from 200 to 400 pages. By doing so, you can finish one in 7-10 days. That is 3-4 books per month since it varies according to the reading speed and the number of pages. With this average, you would be able to read 36 to 48 books a year. According to statistics, a university student to graduate reads 52 books.

Given that a large part of the world’s population reads less than one book a year, don’t you think you would just have a small production advantage over the rest of the world?

Plan for the weekend

Every weekend, schedule the next one, remembering that to be truly productive, you have to remove, not add! Your attention must be on things of value. Don’t try to come up with things to do to avoid the important ones. You have to be honest with yourself.

Focus on 20% of the things that really change your life. Do not make the mistake of avoiding them because they are more difficult, otherwise, there will be no changes.

Write down your failures and successes

Wrong, wrong and wrong again. Write down your mistakes when you plan your week and next to them, write why they were made and what to learn from them. If done consistently, this process will lead you to unimaginable change. You won’t be the person you used to be, trust me.

In addition to your mistakes, take note of your successes as well. After some time, you will want to reread your notes and you will be surprised and proud of your change.

Develop your routine to become an efficient person

Now, it all depends on you. Be eager to know and learn as many productivity tricks as possible and how to put them into action. You will see how your results will change and so will your life.

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