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Headspace: Your Guide to Meditation on Netflix

Headspace: Your Guide to Meditation on Netflix

Headspace Netflix show on meditation

Meditate like a Buddhist monk with the Netflix and Headspace series

Headspace Guide to Meditation is a new series born from a collaboration between Netflix and the famous Headspace meditation app, the narrator’s voice belongs to Andy, a Buddhist monk who teaches you the secrets of meditation to strengthen your brain.

Have you ever felt like you need to disconnect from everything and leave for a Buddhist monastery, so that you don’t have to talk to anyone or justify the way you feel?

You’re not alone, we all have these moments. Thanks to this new Netflix show created with a real Buddhist monk, you can get closer to meditation and leave the world outside from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of meditation for your brain

There are hundreds of articles and scientific studies that attest the benefits of meditation, including on cases of depression, anxiety and addictions. The benefits are also visible on our mood and the way we deal with life.

In particular, a recent Harvard study demonstrates how prolonged use of meditation techniques over time can have a proven positive impact on the functionality of our brain.

The Harvard Gazette reports that after 8 weeks, patients had reduced activity in the right side of the amygdala (a structure at the base of our brain that plays an active role in processing emotions and memory) in the face of particularly strong and emotional images. This was true even while they were not actively meditating at the time.

The study proves that meditation leads to greater emotional stability, even in the case of disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Synopsis of the new series Headspace Guide to meditation

Each episode lasts on average 20 minutes with an introduction to one of the techniques of meditation and mindfulness. It then continues with the implementation or guided by the voice of the monk Andy you can make yourself comfortable, relax and meditate by carving out a few minutes for yourself in these hectic days. 

Headspace Guide to Meditation: The Episodes

1. How to Get Started

2. How to Let Go

3. How to Fall in Love with Life

4. How to Deal with Stress

5. How to be Kind

6. How to Deal with Pain

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7. How to Deal with Anger

8. How to Achieve Your Limitless Potential

Do we recommend the Headspace series on Netflix?

Definitely yes.

It is a simple, straightforward and very practical approach to the world of meditation for people who have never done it before. In the course of a few episodes, the fundamental themes for self-discovery and acceptance of the world around us are addressed.

The fact that a Buddhist monk guides us with his calm and relaxing voice is a sure plus, which those who have tried the Headspace app already know.

A free alternative is made available by Harvard in a podcast that guides meditation (in English). You can find it here

To continue your journey of self-discovery, you can always start with Limitless Success.

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