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Extrovert or Introvert: which one are you?

Extrovert or Introvert: which one are you?

Extrovert or Introvert

The difference between Extrovert and Introvert

Extroversion and introversion are two terms that were popularized by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung at the beginning of the 20th century and then became widely used. These two expressions refer to two different ways we have to relate to the world around us. Surely, these two attitudes are both present in every individual but in different measures. Find out if you are extrovert or introvert by reading this article.


Which are the main features of an extrovert and an introvert?

The extrovert and introvert have different ways to connect with people and to deal with the same circumstances. The extrovert is dynamic and brilliant. He loves being in the spotlight and tend to like big social events. On the other hand, the introvert is reserved and reflective. He doesn’t love being the centre of attention, he prefers listening to other opinions and ideas and then draw his own conclusions. Therefore, the introvert is a quiet person and he shares his ideas only if required. 


Where do they get their energy?

It’s easy to identify the two personality types if you watch them in their workplace, especially if you look at the different ways they prefer to recharge their batteries: in the outer world or in the inner world. The extrovert loves to recharge by being amongst people and expressing his thoughts out loud. Indeed, he get the best ideas while he’s speaking to others. The introvert, on the other hand, get his energy by his inner world so he recharge by quiet time alone or with people close to him. Spending some time alone is a necessity for an introvert in order to focus on what he’s doing without any distractions.


How do they connect with others?

A big difference between an extrovert and an introvert consists in the way they connect with others. The former has a wide network of friends and acquaintances due to his ability to get along with almost everybody. The introvert, on the other hand, usually prefer spending time with a few close friends or family.

Remember that introverts can also be outgoing, especially around people they know, and extroverts can really enjoy quiet time. It comes down to the way you prefer to connect with others.


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