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Evening Routine: How To Sleep Well

Evening Routine: How To Sleep Well

Build the best evening routine to help you sleep better at night

Why is there the need to create an evening routine? I want to ask you this question. Do you often wake up tired, sleepy and lacking in energy in the morning? This is probably because you haven’t slept well, and there can be a variety of reasons.

The lack of sleep accumulated over time often causes bad mood, irritability, and significantly reduces our performance during the day. Sometimes, we don’t even realize we haven’t rested well, this happens because we gradually get used to stress. All this, however, will affect the next day, your work and quality of life.

So how to sleep better and start the day more energetic and productive?
Below I will list some recommended evening habits to help you sleep and to facilitate awakening.

Benefits of having an evening routine

Between the waking moment and that of a deep sleep, there is a transition phase. The importance to be attributed to this phase is considerable, because all subsequent ones derive from it, including awakening. Therefore, the way we fall asleep is the same as the way we wake up the next day. If I fall asleep stressed and nervous, then I will wake up the same way.

Having a healthy evening routine, therefore, serves precisely to prepare us for relaxation. This night routine requires a series of actions, which you can manage according to your tastes. These actions prepare us for the night, to rest well, also relieving sleep disorders.

Furthermore, this routine also represents a moment in which you are a bit with yourself, given the frenzy of the day. At this time, you can also take the opportunity for food for thought on your life.

How to build your own evening routine and tips

The first thing to consider is that the evening routine doesn’t have to be a boring series of actions always done the same way. By “routine” we mean adopting a series of habits that help you feel better.

After dinner, you have to take a moment for yourself before going to sleep. This time can vary between half an hour or even a couple of hours depending on your needs. During this time, you must try to prepare yourself for relaxation and calm, preferably in solitude.

Below I will list a series of habits that you can undertake and prepare yourself for the night.

Dine early

It is very important to have dinner early and to allow at least three hours between dinner and bedtime. This is because after 8 pm the metabolism slows down, like all processes. The body produces less digestive secretions during the evening hours, making food disposal more complicated. Therefore, it is also preferable to have dinner with something light.

In addition, it is advisable to wash pots and dishes immediately after having dinner, because it will give a sense of tranquillity for the next day. Waking up with a pile of dirty dishes in the sink would not be ideal for starting the day.

Naturally, alcohol or exciting substances such as coffee and tea should be avoided. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can prepare yourself a relaxing herbal tea or chamomile tea after dinner.

Engaging in undemanding and relaxing activities

Physical activity, work, study are all stimulating activities. It is best to avoid them before bed. The brain needs time to lower its guard level, if we stimulate it late it will take longer to shut down. Consequently, it will take us longer to fall asleep. Therefore, it would also be advisable to turn off the phone. Using it before falling asleep increases the chances of experiencing sleep disturbances.

In addition, it is also recommended to avoid news or demanding broadcasts on TV during this time slot. For example, you can watch a film, such as a comedy, using a screen that is not too bright. After dinner, you can also pursue a relaxing hobby, such as knitting, practicing yoga, or listening to music.

Go to sleep regularly

Another very important thing, especially for those suffering from insomnia, is to try to always go to sleep at the same time. The body gets used to our habits. For example, it creates a sense of hunger at the time we usually eat. Similarly, if we tend to go to sleep at the same time slot, it will tend to induce us to sleep at that very moment.

If you need more hours of rest, or you should get up early in the morning, try to anticipate the time you go to sleep. Usually, 7 or 8 hours are enough to wake up well-rested.

Furthermore, it is also very important to prepare ourselves as best as possible to sleep continuously. For example, if you have been drinking a lot, try to go to the bathroom before going to sleep. Or, if you’re on the sofa, don’t fall asleep before getting on the bed. Interrupting sleep, even out of necessity, can over time make it difficult to sleep.

Schedule the next day

A very important habit to include in our evening routine is to plan briefly the next day. The importance of this comes from the fact that we also spend energy on deciding how to dress or what to eat. The latter can be defined as “decision fatigue“.

Our mental efficiency is limited, we consume it every day with work and various activities. We use it when we have to control our actions, and also when we have to make decisions. Running out of decision-making energy in advance increases the likelihood of postponing important choices or making them wrong. Even trivial decisions consume mental energy, so it is advisable to anticipate them the night before.

Zuckerberg, as you may have noticed, always dresses the same way. The reason is precisely to save decision-making energy for the most decisive choices. Steve Jobs also always wore jeans and a black sweater. So, plan ahead on how to dress tomorrow, what to eat and what activities to do.


As mentioned earlier, taking a moment for yourself is essential. During this period of time, you have the opportunity to escape for a moment from the bubble of everyday frenzy. We can see our life from another point of view, with reflection and meditation.
The questions to ask are:

  • What went well today?
  • What can I improve?

Furthermore, practising gratitude is also crucial. If you’ve had a stressful day and are nervous, lie down for a few minutes and think about what you are grateful for in your life. This is a very powerful tool to change the mood and the whole physiology of the body, it allows you to sleep better.

Tips for sleeping well and waking up better

We have seen a number of habits that we can incorporate into our evening routine. However, we have to do things that make us feel good, not just what is conventional.
Each of us has different relaxation rituals, for example, there are people who cannot fall asleep without a cup of coffee after dinner. The important thing, however, is to carve out an evening moment for a small examination of conscience.
This allows you to facilitate rest, wake up peacefully and look at your life from the outside for a moment.

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