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Foods to boost your energy levels now

Foods to boost your energy levels now

Energy boosting foods

The best foods that can give you more energy and beat the fatigue

Which foods give you more energy? The best ally to prevent fatigue is a healthy and balanced diet. In this article, you will find the best energy-boosting foods to be productive all-day.

Foods to keep your energy high all-day

How many times have you heard: “To lose weight or to be in better shape you have to eat less”? Nothing more wrong. Although those who eat excessively without limits must necessarily decrease the quantities, for most people this is not the case.

Many people are overweight not for the quantity of what they eat but for the quality. In addition, a large percentage of them arrive at lunch already hungry and tired and end the working day without energy. Weight gain often derives from the psychophysical state.

What is the best food for energy?

Have you ever found yourself in the situation of having to work or study for example after lunch and just wanting to lie on the sofa? This happens when the food you eat foods do not provide the necessary energy. This is why it is important to know what to eat for all-day energy and that prevent an afternoon slump.

Below we will discover some examples of very nutritious foods for our body. In addition, we will also see some curiosities about daily meals, to always feel full and ready to go.

Energy-boosting foods are good sources of nutrients and vitamins

Do you often feel tired or drained even without having made special efforts? The causes can be various, from stress to insomnia, often the main one is the lack of vitamins and/or nutrients. The excessive consumption of fatty foods, alcoholic or carbonated drinks, sugary snacks, in fact, lead to lethargy.

It is now known that “junk food” causes tiredness and drowsiness. This occurs because they lack the nutrients necessary for our daily needs. These give us the right charge to face our routine.

We need to set up a power supply that gives us the right energy supply that we need to be productive at best. The most important thing, however, is that this diet becomes a lifestyle. If you consider it a constraint or an exception you will be destined to abandon it.

Therefore, you need to include foods you like. Embracing the right attitude is a good starting point.

Foods to boost energy and fight fatigue since morning

Breakfast accounts for about 20 per cent of daily calories. For most of us, morning is the time when we need more efficiency. Therefore, breakfast must represent a good portion of our daily calories. Let’s see what are the foods that give energy in the morning and get us started on the right foot.

Coffee is great to wake us up to the best, but we must not abuse it. The risk is a gradual increase in blood pressure and stress. It can be replaced with tea, fruit juice or ginseng, with energizing and digestive properties.

Breakfast can be both salty and sweet according to your taste.

In the salt one, we can include an egg, natural peanut butter and almonds. The latter contain vitamins B1 and E. Grapefruit is also an excellent element to eat in the morning together with oranges.

In the sweet one instead, we can insert the bitter cocoa. It contains theobromine, similar to caffeine. It also stimulates the production of serotonin. Alternatively, there is honey or oats, rich in fibre.

Energy-boost power lunches

Lunch and dinner must adapt to your lifestyle. Those who spend a lot of energy, like professional athletes, need high amounts of protein and carbohydrates in every meal. Those who live a more sedentary life must regulate and distribute calories between meals, perhaps avoiding carbohydrates in the evening.

However, there are foods that are good for all types of people, and which, if necessary, give more energy than others. First of all, you have to eat calmly and not in front of a screen or doing something else. If we divert attention from what we eat, the brain will give us the feeling of fullness later.

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The most suitable nutrients are complex carbohydrates because they are absorbed more slowly and give longer-lasting energy. They are found in whole grains, pasta and brown rice. We also have iron, which is contained in meat and in vegetables with green leaves such as spinach. Other recommended foods are wheat and chilli peppers, which stimulate fat consumption.

Sugary snacks and foods that drain our energy

Sugary snacks do not give you more energy. It is a common mistake to eat snacks rich in sugar to gain more vitality. Those are the so-called “empty calories” because not functional. It is a type of short-lived “fuel”. The so-called snacks are therefore foods that give immediate energy but that do not avoid the feeling of tiredness at all. What should we eat to be productive in between meals?

Dried fruit is a very effective snack both in the morning and in the afternoon. An amount greater than 30 or 40 grams should be avoided though because it is very caloric. Another very useful food is a banana. It contains potassium and magnesium, important regulators of blood pressure and muscle contraction. Berries and blueberries are also very energizing, in addition they also prevent damage from free radicals.

Foods that give energy and fight fatigue

We have seen some very useful foods to prevent the state of exhaustion that assails us during the day. As you have seen, just eating the right foods to feel more active. Your productivity will have major improvements. Are you ready to start?

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