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Career Coach: What is it and how can it help you?

Career Coach: What is it and how can it help you?

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The career coach is a professional who can give you the support, help and guidance you need to understand and, above all, achieve your goals in terms of work and career.

Think of him/her as a kind of coach who will guide you in overcoming any challenges in your job search using precise techniques.

In this article you will get a clearer idea of what a Career Coach does, who he is and how he can help you.

What does a Career Coach do?

Let me first ask you a question. Have you ever felt at a crossroads, at a turning point in your life where you feel the need to change (job, tasks, salary), but you don’t know how to get there?

The Career Coach can help you figure all of that out, because the main role is to help you focus on your goals and craft an action plan to reach them faster.

Very often the answer is already within yourself, but by relying on someone with an outside view on things, can help you bring out your true potential and realize yourself.

Career Coaches will help you set realistic goals for your skills and means, and help you find appropriate solutions during hard times.

In practice, a Career Coach will help you to:

  • discover solutions to the challenges you are facing,
  • develop clear and effective action plans based on your goals,
  • build self-confidence,
  • instil motivation to act (you’d be surprised to know how many people looking for a job just do the bare minimum and hope they get something out of it).

So be careful with your expectations. He will not do everything for you, he will guide you in the right direction. It is up to you to take your career in hand, and no one else.

Career Coach: what it means

So what does the term Career Coach mean? It designates a person who works with you to make your career move as you wish. Someone who sincerely shares your same end goal, which is to reach fulfilment in your career.

Having a coach is wonderful if you wish to:

  • receive advice, support and guidance when making career decisions.
  • determine what measures to take and the strategies to use.
  • come up with a plan that will keep you on track to accomplish your ultimate career goals.


What it is NOT

I want to emphasize that a Career Coach is not a counselor or a therapist.

A Career Coach helps you develop skills and projects you into the future, while a consultant or therapist helps their clients overcome certain shortcomings that probably have their roots in the past, and which must be addressed with the help of therapy. As you can see, the objectives are clearly distinct.

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If you think you are experiencing a particular time of anxiety, stress or depression, do not hesitate to consult a professional therapist and get help.

But going back to career coaching, to benefit from a Career Coach, you need to be willing to challenge yourself and change. It means you need to be open to new ideas, willing to make changes, welcome constructive feedback, and be ready to act.

In fact, you will only see results if you take action. No action equals no result, even if you are supported by a Career Coach.

How to choose a Career Coach and how much does it cost

Only you can decide who to trust. Take into account your needs, your budget and the overall reputation of the Career Coach, which you can understand by doing some research on the web or asking people who had a career coach before you.

Not all career coaches are the same. So first map out your end goal: do you want to improve your CV, better define your goals and the steps to get there, are you trying to figure out the best job for you?

Whether it’s figuring out what you want, changing profession or climbing to the top of your company ladder, you’ll have more clarity and a plan to achieve your goals with our Career Coaches. Find out more here.

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